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Nova the Squirrel



Nova the Squirrel is an open source NES platformer game that features Kirby-style ability copying as well as puzzle platforming. It features 33 levels (plus several bonus levels at the end), seven bosses, and a collectible in every level the player can try to get for 100% completion. It has a modern design, featuring no time limits or lives, as well as an abundance of checkpoints and in-game help.



User Review Information

Kinda fun, but the graphics are bogus and the acceleration makes no sense.

Reviewed By: Marcos Moutta on 06 Oct 2019

You know you’re in for something janky when the developer couldn’t figure out which way is the correct way to play their game, so they just let you tweak how fast your character walks. Shouldn’t that break a well designed game?

Whoever designed this game clearly spent a lot of time doing so - they let you know in the options screen that it was over a thousand days! - but that doesn’t matter if the character flies around so much (even on the “slow” setting) I can barely control it, the graphics are blocky, ugly and bizarre and the color palette makes my eyes hurt. This game has a horriffic “homebrew feel” that even early famicom games put to shame. Even the music sounds all crazy, like the person who wrote it was trying to be Tim Follin but forgot to add the memorable melodies.

HOWEVER, this is a HOMEBREW GAME! the developer had NO OBLIGATION to make a “good” game, especially when the final product is free.

So yeah, in my opinion, this game is bad, you shouldn’t play it and the developer needs to learn some things from games like Super Mario Bros., Castlevania and so many other incredible NES games. But that doesn’t mean this game is disposable, since it’s a free indie game on a platform very hard to develop for.

Version 1405 Recommended - No

User Reviews
This is really cool...Googie09 Oct 20191405Yes
Kinda fun, but the graphics are bogus and the acceleration makes no sense.Marcos Moutta06 Oct 20191405No
Really, really goodHPJ02 Sep 20191405Yes
A great game, nothing to envy to commercial gamesWhipon27 Aug 20191405Yes