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  • Hacks
    Update: this hack was 3 mistakes, all fixed. One of them Mario is killed in the first fortress of World 8 and you wouldn't continue with the game. The other was on the map of the World 3, with a mushroom house. The last one will facilitate your gameplay on the map of the World 3. Sorry for the problems!!!
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    V1.2: Fixed level selection.
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    Updated readme (removed mention of real hardware compatibility as the original patch already was compatible)
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    -Reverted the starting continues from 4 back to 3. -Goomba and Koopa heads are now pasted over Galsia and Donovan. -Inserted A.J. Nitro, Ridge Troopa and Yawackhary's names in the ending credits. -Inserted Dcat and Monfriez's names in the ending credits. -Lengthened Peach's Defense Special Animation by 8 frames. -Updated a few enemy palettes. -Edited which enemies appear in Survival Mode. -Peach's Pipe/Sword attack can now hit from behind. -Made modifications to enemy groups. -Changed Hakuyo to Garnet (as in Streets of Rage 2: Girls' Paradise). -Changed Electra's Jump Kick voice clip. -Changed Shiva to Karai from TMNT: Tournament Fighters (Genesis). -Edited the intro text. -The apple is now a pizza. -Changed Fog (Biker) to a Foot Soldier. -Can break out of back grabs at the press of attack. -Bowser now does an uppercut during his melee attack to make it work better as an anti-air. -Inserted block voice clip.

River City Girls ..of Rage

Hack of Streets of Rage 2


River City Girls ..of Rage: Gameplay Teaser Trailer

The patch is based on a hack with improved dynamics:

  • All playable characters can run and change direction and turn around while running.
  • All playable characters can jump further while running.
  • The command to run (f, f) becomes more sensitive.
  • Offensive Special no longer costs player’s own health.
  • If the player presses A while running, the player’s character will perform Offensive Special (in the original game, nothing will happen).
  • Charge attacks require holding B for only 2/3 second.

River City Girls ..of Rage.

  • Characters replaced by Misako, Kyoko, Riki and Kunio.
  • All characters are fast and agile.
  • The voices also match their characters.
  • Neutral Air Attack is now Air to Air. Works great for juggling an opponent in a corner or while playing in Co-op, but can miss when attacking a ground target.
  • Kyoko yell “ORA ORA” in forward special!
  • New Four Boss from River City Girls

This hack is based on the Dha Lau Hoo hack.

Used sprites:

v0.6.27 Changelog:

  • New first punch Misako
  • Fixed Riki Grab-Combo-ender bug (missed by many bosses)
  • Changed hit boxes Air-to-Air attacks for everyone except Kunio, more often should hit twice.
  • Changed hitbox “dab” attack Kyoko, now catches falling enemies.
  • Changed the physics of Defence Special in three characters.
  • Kunio is now a normal throw from behind.
  • Kunio can now use the “headbat” immediately, when capturing, the neutral attack button.
  • Kunio have new B+C attack
  • Retouch fully sprites of two bosses, more than 200 sprites.
  • Added an alternative palette for new bosses, for re-fights.
  • Restored missing chests in level 5
  • Restored missing chests with hens in level 7
  • Difficulty levels below hard are now unavailable (with the current dynamics and abilities, hard is played easier than before very easy)

Have fun!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • rominfo : No-Intro Name: Streets of Rage 2 (USA)
  • (No-Intro version 20130710-102701)
  • ROM/File SHA-1: 8B656EEC9692D88BBBB84787142AA732B44CE0BE




User Review Information

Working on real hardware

Reviewed By: pikangs on 18 Oct 2019

I gave a try the new BOSSes version of the patch and the multi enemy patch, I played only 2 stages so far but I was suprised that a chinese everdrive managed to play it up to that point without issues, I will have to try to play the rest of the game later and use all characters (I only used Kyoko for the test with the BOSSes patch), if you have a way to play the hack on a real Genesis or Analogue Mega SG you can’t go wrong with this (especially if you enjoy SOR 2 without any type of hacks).

Version 0.6.2 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Working on real hardwarepikangs18 Oct 20190.6.2Yes
Amazing!Jaz02 Oct 20190.6.2Yes