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Mega Man 3 Improvement

Hack of Mega Man 3


This is an improvement patch for Mega Man III/Rockman 3. It has many improvements to the game + MANY bugfixes that existed originally in MM3.

Anyone is free to use this for their own Mega/Rock 3 hacks, and any new ones in the future.

Please only use the appropriate patch depending on what ROM your using. The megaman3 patch is only for the English version and the rockman3 is only for the Japanese ROM.

The author will not list all the changes here, they are already listed in the readme. A youtube video was uploaded also to demonstrate many of the changes. Please see the “Video Comments.txt” for the link to the youtube video and to use as a guide to note the changes you’ll see demonstrated.

An ASM file was used from the Japanese ROM hacker named Puresabe, known best for Rockman 4 MI (Minus Infinity). It implements some gameplay physics mods that he presented to me. NOTE: It already has been applied to both English and Japanese versions of the patch.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • File: Rockman 3 - Dr. Wily no Saigo! (J).nes
  • CRC32: FCE6CEA2
  • MD5: 85944FB5 8B6AFC53 F8D20B8C 1E19A0AB
  • SHA1: E82C532D E36C6A5D EAF08C62 48AEA434 C4D8A85A
  • *
  • File: Mega Man III (U) [!].nes
  • CRC32: BE6DBB5D
  • MD5: 1B5BDD75 9448390A BCC9D481 E8D83700
  • SHA1: 0728DB6B 8AABF7E5 25D930A0 5929CAA1 891588D0




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
kuja killerHacking

User Review Information

Simply AMAZING !

Reviewed By: star_scream1646 on 14 Nov 2019

This month has been a great month at least for me when it comes to Mega Man hacks, since two of my all time favorite Mega Man games got two brand new hacks. However, before I review one of them, I wanted to review Kuja Killer’s Mega Man 3 Improvement since one of the hacks I will be reviewing next is built on top of Mega Man 3 Improvement.

Mega Man 3 is my favorite game in the classic series of ALL TIME, I remember playing this game when I was a kid and falling in love with the game. The music is awesome, the inclusion of Rush and Proto Man were brilliant! Being able to not only to fight the new robot masters for this game but also the ones from the prior game as well? Something that would not be seen again until Mega Man 10 with the weapons archive, blew me away as a kid. While the game is very easy compared to the other NES Mega Man games, it did not take away from the fun the game.

However, for many years certain things about the game began to bother me, such has the game having no intro what so ever. The title screen looking so empty, MM2,4,5 and 6 all had something on the right side of the screen to add some flair but not MM3. Why is it messed up when you highlight on Shadow Man on the stage select screen? It was almost as if the most ambitious title of the 6 Mega Man games on NES was the one that suffered in presentation. Even worse, over the years players found many things hidden away in the game such as musical tracks that never play completely such as the ending theme “Whistle Concert”, sound effects, and hidden graphics such as the planet in Gemini Man’s stage. Leaving some gamers like myself wondering “What happened?”, years later the art book “Mega Man: Official Complete Works” would shed some light on the production. In the art book Keiji Inafune would describe the production and making of this game as extremely difficult, and says that MM3 has been his least favorite game in the series to work on I would have to say it shows since it feels somewhat rushed.

That is where Kuja Killer’s hack comes in to the rescue! The work they put into this project is simply AMAZING! Not only were they able to restore pretty much almost every thing that was in the game that was hidden, such as Mega Man being on the title screen, animations for rush, the planet in Gemini Man’s stage and a city when Wily flies away in his saucer along with some nice looking parallax scrolling. They even gave the game a brand new intro giving the game the presentation it deserved when it originally came out! This is now my preferred way to play Mega Man 3 and can not really see myself playing the original version again.

The only small issue I have with this hack is the boss lifebar being moved to the right like the the X series. This makes the game, presentation wise stand out from the other NES Mega Man games in a manner I do not prefer. I wish Kuja Killer would either add an optional patch if someone wanted to move the lifebar to its original position or include in the readme file how to move it back. Since a few years ago they explained to me how to move it back and it was pretty simple once you know where to go, besides that this hack is truly a masterpiece!

Thank you Kuja Killer!

Version N/A Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A Great Effort Gets Carried AwayMr. Pennington07 Apr 20202.22No
FIXED! It is playablediablo66601 Dec 20192.21Yes
Simply AMAZING !star_scream164614 Nov 2019N/AYes
Gold Standard for Improvement HacksG30FF13 Nov 20192.2Yes
An obvious replacement marred by one major flawThirteen 135522 Sep 20192.1Yes
Some VERY glaring issues with an otherwise solid hack...BlazeHeatnix01 Oct 20182.1Yes
Absolutely The Definitive Version of Megaman 3Eldrethor17 Feb 20182.1Yes
The way that it should be!Greyfox06 Jan 20162.1Yes
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!Duke2go27 Jun 20152.1Yes
Injects new life to an amazing game!Rodimus Primal18 May 20152.0Yes
The ultimate version of Megaman 3Satoshi_Matrix15 Nov 2012N/AYes