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Super Mario Bros 1 SMAS - NESised

Hack of Super Mario All-Stars


Since I was sick of seeing grass in world 1-1 where bricks should be I put together a hack to change several of the graphics of SMB1 in Super Mario All-Stars. It changes them to graphics which are much closer to what they were in the 8-bit game. The backgrounds have not been touched. The ROM needs to be unheadered.

Note that since Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels shares graphics with SMB that game will be affected as well. This game has not been tested to see if the changes remain throughout that game.

Note: The hack can be used with the SMAS SMB/Lost Levels Brick Fix hack if this patch is first applied to a non-headered SNES ROM. Then a header must be added to the ROM using a tool such as NSRT 3.4 Windows. After that, the SMAS SMB/Lost Levels Brick Fix patch can be applied. From there, it is optional to remove the header once again.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • File Name: Super Mario All-Stars (U) [!].smc
  • CRC32: 925637c7
  • MD5: 53c038150ba00d5f8d8574b4d36283f2
  • SHA-1: c05817c5b7df2fbfe631563e0b37237156a8f6b6
  • SHA-256: a9e3e57d591e995e8e0dd228b619b6aed42205eaf55316fa8ff33f236b3a32b3




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User Review Information

looks promising but falls flat

Reviewed By: pocket on 10 Dec 2019

This is tough, and I wish there was an option between “yes” and “no” in regards to whether or not this is recommended.

At first glance this looks great, the grassy plains now look like the brick blocks from the original game, and this applies to the underground levels too, they even have a version of the blocks covered in snow for the snowy levels, and the castle and water levels look closer to how they did in the NES games as well. Even the bonus areas in the clouds and the power-ups look closer to their NES counterparts.

Then there are the tree levels ( world 1-3 is the first example of this ) and something went really wrong and it looks terrible with a blurry texture. A stark contrast to the sharp pixels of the other re-drawn art. The trees in this level, I feel should have either been left alone, or the sprite should have been re-imagined to look better in the context of the game. There are several of these levels in SMB1 and TLL so it’s not a small issue.

Then we have a few background elements like the bushes in SMB1 which were faithfully recreated, perhaps a little too faithfully, they don’t really match up with the rest of the games backdrop.

And this is a bit of personal preference, but this hack also doesn’t address one of the primary problems I had with the original games aesthetics that made me want a hack like this in the first place. Mario still looks like he’s from a different game. Mario and a few other sprites have these bold black outlines that clash with everything else in the game, none of the enemies have these outlines at all. It seems like a missed opportunity not to make the game’s aesthetics a little more uniform.

Version 1.1 Recommended - No

User Reviews
looks promising but falls flatpocket10 Dec 20191.1No
Quality work!Commander Queso18 Mar 20191.1Yes
A Throwback to the Early Days of GamingJosephine Lithius21 Dec 2009N/AYes