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Mario is Missing Done Right

Hack of Super Mario World


What if Mario is Missing weren’t a boring edutainment title? This hack intends to be what most players expected Mario is Missing to be: a platformer starring Luigi on a quest to save Mario. The hack contains 7 Worlds and is comparable in difficulty to official Mario games.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super Mario World (USA) - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: B19ED489
  • MD5: CDD3C8C37322978CA8669B34BC89C804
  • SHA-1: 6B47BB75D16514B6A476AA0C73A683A2A4C18765
  • SHA-256: 0838E531FE22C077528FEBE14CB3FF7C492F1F5FA8DE354192BDFF7137C27F5B




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Gamma VHacking

User Review Information

Well, there goes however many hours of my life it takes to finish this

Reviewed By: Spooniest on 20 Jan 2020

I’ve been around this site for quite a while now. I will fully admit to having 8 points against any romhack before I’ve even tried it. It is difficult for me to get into a hack.

This sounded interesting, and the reviews were all glowing, so I gave it a whirl to see what the fuss is about. Here is what, in my opinion, the fuss is about.

There’s an artfulness to the way this has all been pulled together which I don’t usually see in fan-made content. It’s really quite well done. Backgrounds, enemies, player sprites and sound effects are pulled from various other SMB games on the SNES, and Mario World’s control scheme is kept mostly intact, though it feels like they even kind of tightened up the controls a bit, which is very welcome. Mario World could get a little zany with all the twitchy, fidgety nudging you have to do to land a jump correctly. Here, it’s a bit more solid. The story is kept out of the way (as you might expect), but there is one real detail which I’ve saved for last which gets me in the smiley feels.

The music for this is just phenomenal. It’s so good that I don’t want to spoil it. You should play this, and listen to the music tracks they made for it. They’re REALLY GOOD.

As far as what criticism I could give it, the levels do tend to stay mostly in the left-to-right scrolling range of SMB1, and don’t often venture into the vertical area which SMW’s engine allows, but I can’t really say that this is true throughout the game, since I only beat the 1st castle and got up to the 2nd world. Additionally, I feel like not giving the various worlds names, but just calling them by numbers (as in SMB1 and 2), a la “1-1, 1-4, etc” is a bit sterile. But this is how hard I have to think to find something to criticize about this game, you know. That should say something in and of itself.

Even with some minor weirdnesses as those, however, I give this one full marks. Go for it, you won’t be sorry.

P.S. - I didn’t know where to put this stuff in the review, but I wanted to note that Super Luigi/Firey Luigi’s shoes look very nice. Something about them is different, and I like it a lot. Also, the added subtle touch of moving Small Luigi down a pixel when you try to go down a pipe, and cannot, to show that you performed the action, was also a really neat touch. “Ok not this one.” Very decent work.

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A nice new take on the SMW experiencejm10288723 Jan 20201.1Yes
Well, there goes however many hours of my life it takes to finish thisSpooniest20 Jan 20201.1Yes
I absolutely loved this hackVallenatero201520 Jan 20201.1Yes
Really worth a playthrough.Chronosplit15 Dec 20181.1Yes
A Refreshing Sight to BeholdBlueAuraEX25 Aug 20181.1Yes
LUGGY'S QUEST.RealGaea24 Jul 20181.1Yes
Title says everythingOkamigen10812 Jul 20181.1Yes