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Rockman 5: Double Jumper

Hack of Mega Man 5


Rockman 5: Double Jumper is a hack that features a new skill for Rockman, the Double Jumper (press the jump button on mid-air to perform it, like Forte and Zero).

The hack also features:

  • new level designs
  • new boss move patterns
  • new weapons behavior

-weapon swapping using the SELECT button:

  • SELECT, normal order;
  • DOWN+SELECT, reverse order;
  • START+SELECT, default buster

-Special & Effect items (hidden in all Robot Masters’ stages)

-Special items: Rush Coil, Rush Jet, Super Arrow, & Beat

-Effect items:

  • Energy Balancer, weapon energy pickups fills the weapon with the least amount of energy;
  • Recovery Up, boosts life & weapon energy pickups;
  • Knockback Guard, as the name states; and
  • Energy Exchanger, expending an E-can to replenish a weapon’s energy by pressing SELECT over the selected weapon

-the Dash can or D-can, giving Rockman a speed boost

  • an auto-save feature (when restarting a new game, press A-button while holding B-button)
  • Exit, in the pause menu, exit a conquered Robot Master stage
  • background music by Hydden, check out his site for Rockman-esque chiptunes

-v2.0 DASH MODE added, no need to pickup D-cans when you choose this mode

ROM / ISO Information:

  • File: Rockman 5 - Blues no Wana! (J).nes
  • CRC32: 9D01E44C
  • MD5: 433E0032 BE55A0EF 23E7E673 11977FE6
  • SHA1: 0FC06CE5 2BBB65F6 019E2FA3 553A9C1F C60CC201




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User Review Information

Everything is clear and point-by-point

Reviewed By: diablo666 on 02 Apr 2020

The hack that lit up our news feed was like this: “You have a double jump that makes you look like a Bass”

They are partly right, but I would not like to start with this. As you can see, this hack has been updated to version 2.0 And now I will tell you what has changed, what the pros and cons will take.

1.The graphic part has been partially changed, which can be seen by the levels. It seems familiar levels, but in some-a better palette, some have slightly different graphics… Simply put, the original is in a different wrapper.

2.Levels. The principle for a double jump. This is what we tried to do for the hack. Did it work? And Yes, there are places where a double jump is NECESSARY, otherwise you will not be able to get out of difficult places. And no, because you can pass, as it seemed, some places without it.

3.Music. Quite high-quality melodies, tried to sound great. It’s nice to listen, it gives you an atmosphere, you want to add it to your playlist

4.Bosses. A twofold feeling. At the same time, there are cool bosses that are nice to pass, but one snag prevents them from enjoying, and what exactly is the next point

5.Hyper Speed. This Bank appears almost, ALMOST the entire game, even the mod is there. The problem is that because of this-the boss becomes easier. The atmosphere of battle disappears. This isn’t Sonic…

6.Variety of modes. There are two of them, but the second is easier than the first. The first gives you a Test, the second only makes everything you do easier…

7.SECRETS! And you know, I really enjoyed being a “detective” in these levels. Hide the original, and not with 1 attempt - this is really Bravo. But, some places are obvious, but it’s not scary

8.AUTOMATIC SAVING OF THE GAME. And this is how to put it mildly: “Unnecessary thing in the hack”. I understand that this kind of simplifies the game, but judge for yourself, not everyone reads the instructions to the end, and then they cry bitterly. Yes, because of saving - DASH MODE - you have one level left - it INCLUDES EXACTLY THIS!? Sorry, author, but have you checked the “battery” mode? It doesn’t work well. Because, in order for me to play modes from scratch, I need to click “press A-button while holding B-button” in “start the game”, and then - restart the hack and select the second mode… It was not easier to do: “All your progress will be erased if you start a new game. Are you sure you want to do this?” When you choose a different mode or want to start from scratch the gameplay.

9.Instructions. They are usually not read, and unfortunately, this may be a mistake. To such a “Instructions”, you can also mint a cartridge.

Let’s sum up the pros and cons.

  • +Levels. As I said, they are 50/50 for a double jump, but it’s nice to pass them
  • +Music.Beautiful sound
  • +Bosses. Their unusual behavior, an interesting test against them.
  • +SECRETS.The location will really make you collect them all
  • Minuses: Hyper Speed. Simplifies the game too much
  • Variety of modes. In fact-there is Hyper Speed there, and there is… And almost these mods are equated. ENTER THE THIRD MODE ” NO DASH”
  • AUTOMATIC SAVING OF THE GAME. I would not put it in the negative if it at least worked as in another hack (Rockman CX), but because of the inconvenience of implementation, it is here.

What did I leave untouched or left at zero? Level graphics. For there is nothing like that. Enemies - well, there is one new, but mostly-they are original. Abilities? Practically, as with enemies, there is nothing to say about them, only small changes in their functionality.

The conclusion is this: the hack caused two feelings from the game. It would seem that the hack is simple, but it contains a lot of things (even instructions, which makes you smile a little). I hope in the third version-they will add the “NO DASH MODE” mode and correct the saving, because it is inconvenient. But, with a stretch, I was pleased to play it, and, to a greater extent (60% personal satisfaction) - I will give a sign “I Recommend, but fix the flaws

Version 2.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Everything is clear and point-by-pointdiablo66602 Apr 20202.0Yes
The Quality Hack to Have!Voidspirit20 Nov 20151.0Yes