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Hack of Ninja Gaiden


Deadpool is a Ninja Gaiden hack for the NES.

This patch will change nearly every aspect of the original game to convert it on his own adventure.

Think of it as a Ninja Gaiden expansion, it’s an updated game, more stages, more enemies, more weapons, new music, animated backgrounds, parallax scrolling, language selection, title menu and more.

NG is famous for its cutscenes and Deadpool still does maintain those, changed and edited to be a new Deadpool adventure.

You can find secret areas, Easter eggs, and some lovely references here and there.

Here is a Demo video:

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Ninja Gaiden.nes
  • CRC32: 9E1D4034
  • MD5: D36F168E968C8B6ECA738F7F41525070
  • SHA-1: 36948370BC0498A6CFF41D94F2D6A9A5ABF2E518




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
NiOGraphicsPixel art, stage design, translation.
DANGER XHackingHacking, stage design, translation.
RetroslamMusicMusic, hacking, pixel art, script.
darkmoon2321HackingHacking, coding, music, tools, stage, animation.
SorinkunDesignPixel art, beta test, translation

User Review Information

Never mind a hack. This is a brand new game!

Reviewed By: Eldrethor on 03 Apr 2020

Character hacks tend to be iffy because many of them simply replace the sprites of an existing character, and that’s a novelty that wears itself out really quick (e.g. see Streets of Rage 2). The talented guys behind Techmoon went above and beyond, and transformed the original game to such a drastic degree that you’re not playing Ninja Gaiden featuring Deadpool; you’re playing Deadpool: The Video Game.

The bare bones of the game are still Ninja Gaiden, and you can clearly see it as you play, but literally every facet of the game has been changed. Deadpool looks and plays the part, and Ryu’s magic spells have been fully replaced with a slew of weapons that he has had his hands on over the years. He even has his healing factor that regenerates health over time. Cut scenes between levels now feature our Merc With A Mouth, along with dialog that fits his character like a glove. Even the soundtrack was entirely redone with all brand new tracks, including an outstanding 8-bit rendition of X Gon’ Give it To Ya.

All of the enemies and bosses themselves received face lifts as well, and you’ll get a good laugh at what some of them have become. What really took me by surprise was the new attack patterns that the bosses now have, many of which are surprisingly a lot more fair than in the original Ninja Gaiden.

The levels also got some significant changes as well, with Easter eggs thrown in here and there. Although they can feel a bit too similar to their original counterparts (the first level is still a stretch of streets), they’re different enough that it’s easy to look past that. My only gripe is that the color choices feel bizarrely otherworldly in a few places, but it doesn’t detract from the game’s appeal.

What especially impressed me was that the hack even throws in some really nice options, including difficulty settings, languages, and a tutorial mode that gets you acquainted with all of Deadpool’s weapons and abilities. All of that on top of all of the sprite work and music tracks really shows how much love went into this hack.

Overall, I love everything about this, and I highly recommend it. It isn’t just a hack; it’s a whole different game, and it’s a stellar job from a team that put a lot of time and effort into this project, and pushed through to the very end, even after the pacsnsacdave scandal. But that’s another story.

Version 140.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Never mind a hack. This is a brand new game!Eldrethor03 Apr 2020140.0Yes
A MasterpiecePolishedTurd02 Apr 2020140.0Yes
Such an great job! Couldn't recommend it more!scorpion2322 Feb 2020140.0Yes
Good but not perfect.ActionHenk15 Feb 2020140.0Yes
THIS is more than a hack!diablo66626 Jan 2020140.0Yes
Best Hack I've Seen In AgesMorinis29 Oct 2019140.0Yes
Amazing Ninja Gaiden hackmariokarthero27 Oct 2019140.0Yes
Tech(moon) Gon' Give it to Ya!eskayelle20 Oct 2019140.0Yes
Excelsior!CryinOnion19 Oct 2019140.0Yes
Worth the Long Wait!Ziko12 Oct 2019140.0Yes