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My Little Pony: Dr. Discord's Conquest

Hack of Mega Man 3


This ROM hack of Mega Man 3 completely redesigns the game to resemble the world and characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, with new graphics and music from a wide range of games. Enemy and Boss AI is also altered as well as the control scheme (no sliding like in Mega Man 2)

The evil Discord has once again returned, and it is up to Twilight Sparkle to stop him as well as her rampaging friends!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Country: USA
  • Original Bytes: (length=393232)
  • CRC32: 452d8089
  • MD5: 75b924155cafee335c9ea7a01bfc8efb
  • SHA-1: 53197445e137e47a73fd4876b87e288ed0fed5c6
  • SHA-256: eddbe571cf0a201ba9d090fbace9843c9c9dd4053051649f2575b088752f4675
  • Mega Man 3 (U) [!]




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User Review Information

Hack on a pony... What have we come to…

Reviewed By: diablo666 on 05 Apr 2020

Meets the new title Screen and theme from poney… BRR! What’s inside? All robomaster bosses are ponies… And a disfigured version of Stage Select MM8… although, honestly… In another hack - it sounded even worse…

The entire graphic part-tries to parody the pony theme, however, does not come out. For, as I noticed, here the graphics are from Kirby, from another Megaman Game, Chip and Deal 2 (without animation, for some reason … Animated only Electricity that can’t be touched) and even Duck Tales 1… But, basically, the game tries to look like a Fan game about pony (Although the hack says that this is not a fan game). The enemies in the graphic part are redrawn-from the word completely. They look different, but their functions are in place

Changed the game engine for the style of part 1 and 2. The slide was canceled because “pony”… But I want to note that ponies do not know how to walk on two of their OWN…

Well, we also graphically changed some objects. The “Elevator” block now looks like a platform from Rockman and Forte, you might even get scared if you run into spikes because of it. Bubbles - most likely - is a remade “Yula from Topman”, but the problem is that it does not revive after disappearing… which makes it difficult to pass. Mini-pipelines-turned into large objects (according to the graphics).

I do not remember that in Megaman 3 we were thrown back by the Wind… So I will write it in this hack, as well as the acceleration of running due to the flow of water… Like this was in Megaman 4. And even here - indestructible spikes. They move in two directions when they touch the border… And spiked monsters, straight from the game Kirby…

The music here is generally 95% not consistent with the concepts … Hilltop from Sonic 2, one of the Ninja Gaiden themes… even Kirby… I think someone has the wrong taste…(This is for example, because really I think the music doesn’t fit)

Bosses. Very easy. I passed them with one Blaster… AND NOTHING ELSE! But the theme of the Boss - came out good. (At the expense of Nothing – I exaggerated, because the last boss is just as difficult to defeat as one of the robots in the secret island… You will need to find a weakness)

The second part of the game - cut off from the word completely. After that comes the main enemy’s Castle… Rather, the map… but the problem is that MM3 indicates where we are and where to go, here … NOTHING… Just a map. Guess where you’re going… (Of course, the game will not stop at this empty point, the game will continue)

Taken in the levels of the “secret island” Egyptian part (1 level of the secret island). The graphics are from Duck Tales 2, and the music is vaguely Egyptian, the rest is an attempt to do something of their own.

But mostly-hell, how to explain it. It’s so bad, it’s even good. And because of the many flaws in the direction of this Hack and I did not notice that passed through it… Many of these ideas are terrible… but this horror can be PLAYED… for the levels are built well, despite the fact that everything else is bad ideas.

If you give it to someone who doesn’t know much about MLP - which they will like, or as a joke on April 1. But is it worth playing it for an ordinary player? If you don’t have high expectations, why not?… Can I recommend it to you? NATURALLY. FOR THIS IS MORE LIKE A PARODY THAN SOMETHING SIMILAR TO MLP. If it was a pony that didn’t look like a “joke” - I would personally throw it in the trash and say: “No!”

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Hack on a pony... What have we come to…diablo66605 Apr 20201.0Yes
I Don't Even Like Ponies!Mother Kojiro07 Dec 20171.0Yes
Fun, but unpolished. (v1.0)Sparkbomber14 Jan 2014N/AYes
Good enough gameplayLunaria05 Jan 2014N/AYes