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Mega Man X SA1

Hack of Mega Man X


SA-1 is a co-processor present in some SNES games. Being roughly four times faster than the main CPU it can significantly improve a game’s performance and that is the purpose of this hack, to remove slowdowns present in the original Mega Man X.

Other changes include:

  • Leg Dash defaulted to the L button.
  • Generated passwords are saved into SRAM
  • Control scheme saved into SRAM.
  • Subtanks stop depleting at full health.
  • Disabled double-tap to dash.(optional)


  • mmxsa1.ips
  • mmxsa1_double_tap_disabled.ips

Besides zsnes, it should run on all emulators.

Rom disassembled with:

SA1 code based on:

ver. 1.2:

  • Disabled double-tap to dash made into a separate patch.
  • Fixed Chill Penguin’s frozen statues collision.
  • Fixed C. Sting palette effects.
  • Fixed graphical glitch on sea and sky stages.
  • Fixed the amount of health provided by Subtanks.
  • Control scheme saved into SRAM.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Mega Man X (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20180813-062835)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 449A00631208FBCC8D58209E66D0D488674B7FB1
  • File/ROM CRC32: 1033EBA4




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Great Hack! but be careful what Emulator you choose (Video inside)

Reviewed By: MagusLOGS on 28 May 2020

After playing through the game with the SA-1 1.0 patch and encounter some issues like the Boomerang Cutter couldn’t grab Items and the HDMA effect on defeating a Boss being not working correctly, i’ve decided to do another playthrough with the updated SA-1.1 patch with MSU-1 attached to it.

SA-1 1.0 Demo:

SA-1 1.1 Demo:

The updated 1.1 SA-1 patch fixes all previous issues i noticed during the 1.0 playthrough as mentioned above with the Boomerang Cutter and HDMA effect being missing, there was a graphic bug in the 1.1 playthrough where the Ship appears on top of the screen at 35:30 but that could also be Emulator related, someone with a Flash Cart would need to test it on real hardware to confirm this.

The slowdowns are gone as you can see at 45:05 when i played through Armored Armadillo Stage multiple times trying to get the Hadoken, the other major slowdown in the original version was the Ship and Giant Fish fight in Launch Octopus Stage which is now lag free as well. The SNES SA-1 version is now on par with the PS2/Cube version as far the slowdowns goes with maybe only very few differences only a speedrunner would notice.

Due to the remove of the slowdowns, some parts and Bosses can feel more difficult due to the timing difference like the Anglerge Vacuum Robot in Launch Octopus Stage at 34:57. Those who played the PS2/Cube version before should be familar with the lag free gameplay.

Setting the Dash function to L button makes walljumps while charging the X-Buster easier, but those who don’t like it can change it back to A in the Options.

Subtanks stop depleting at full health and the additional SRAM function for the Passwords are nice LoQ (Life o Quality) and welcomed to anyone who replays Mega Man X from time to time.

Its a great Hack overall and i personally would use it as a basis for any upcoming Mega Man X ROM Hack, sadly the SA-1 patch was done based on the 1.0 ROM version and not 1.1 so its incompatible with some already existing ROM Hacks.

For more details on 1.0 and 1.1 Revision Changes as well as Regional Differences, visit

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
The ultimate version of Mega Man X! (Just a couple suggestions)ShadowOne33301 Jun 20201.2Yes
I would almost recommend this, it is awesomeJUD6MENT28 May 20201.0No
A must! We need Rev 1, though...niuus26 May 20201.1Yes
Awesome!ParkerMcFly25 May 20201.1Yes
Unbelievable differencenobi25 May 20201.1Yes
Great Hack! but be careful what Emulator you choose (Video inside)MagusLOGS28 May 20201.1Yes
Great Hack, but needing a tweak or 2Mugen_Ketsueki19 May 20201.0Yes
Great hack, but needs some bug fixesdrunk_caterpillar25 May 20201.1Yes
Much appreciated improvementsMattKimura19 May 20201.0Yes