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Shift-JIS Table

Table Files


The popular Shift-JIS encoding scheme in table format. The table is itself encoded in Shift-JIS.


User Review Information


Reviewed By: Tauwasser on 16 Sep 2009

The file has some wrong mappings and at least two kanji characters of the basic Shift-JIS set are missing, due to their late introduction in JIS X 0208. The table file itself features only the basic Shift-JIS set.

It does not cover any extensions which would be needed to view files encoded in CP932, the Microsoft Japanese codepage, correctly in all circumstances.

These shortcomings have urged me to create a new table file featuring a full set of mappings that is compatible with CP932.

Version reviewed - 1.0

Recommended - No

User Reviews
Good table for translatorsweissvulf02 Nov 20171.0Yes
ShortcomingsTauwasser16 Sep 2009N/ANo