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Layla: The Iris Missions

Hack of Layla


Chinelkov Manitokha once again threatens the galaxy with his army of mutant Chimairan. This time, it’s up to Iris to stop him! (Okay, Layla can come along too, if she must).

Layla: The Iris Missions is a complete overhaul of the Famicom game Layla. It features all-new levels, altered graphics, an original and much-expanded soundtrack, and many tweaks to game mechanics, with the goal of creating a more modern game experience without compromising the core grabbing-cake-and-ice-cream-on-roller-skates gameplay.

Includes action, puzzles, robot mascots, and absolutely no bonus stages!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Country: Japan
  • MD5 7a1232559a7349579816814e63d52d0a
  • SHA-1 668b885abf865b74f84c221fa2cc4c9ae58d1b98
  • SHA-256 959ba4cfb8fad791e2d8f65bfa0c9cf0edc39c4aa82bd50e46ee42a689a43e5a
  • Layla (J) [!] (GoodNES 3.14)
  • This patch should be applied to a headered ROM.




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Very tricky jump physics

Reviewed By: marco75 on 02 Jul 2020

I did not play the original Layla.

Arino played it on the Game Center CX TV show and he reportedly* liked it. I cannot find that episode on YouTube, sorry.

I really like the upbeat music that Supper added to the game, it makes it very cheerful. The Iris missions put a big smile on my face. It also made me laugh at the nigh-impossible jumps and unintended collisions. Sometimes I had to attempt a certain jump 10 - 20 times to get past a particular screen. I found it very amusing how the dying player ascends to the ceiling on angel wings, but if they intercept a health item on the way up, they’ll come back to life!

Iris, the player character, has a *lot* of inertia, which I never really got used to. Combined with the many difficult jumps Supper put into the levels, many players might quit in frustration. I gave up in Mission 6. (I played in an emulator with save states.)

There are some puzzles also, requiring you to traverse the screen in a certain order, triggering falling blocks or shooting blocks through a gap, stuff like that. Those I liked. A lot of the missions feature warp puzzles, like the last stage in Super Mario Bros. Certain elevators return you to earlier parts of the mission. This really only became an issue for me in Mission 5. “Linear”, my foot. I do not like warp puzzles. They are as old as the line “you are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike”.

You can only scroll from right to left, like the original Super Mario Bros or Contra. You have infinite lives and ammunition, and are sent back to an earlier checkpoint when your life bar is depleted. Only shield is limited and is taken away on death.

The readme comes with tips, it is required reading. Beating the final stage requires intentionally killing yourself and glitching through the ceiling, like a speedrunner. I don’t know why Supper did not change the design for that section to not require such a detailed trick. Maybe that was not possible for a hack.

Try this hack! Maybe you are a genius and will speedrun it. Would love to see this one on GDQ one day.

  • according to korean basket weaving forum

Version 3.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Very cool, especially the soundtrack!Ra22609 Aug 20203.0Yes
Very tricky jump physicsmarco7502 Jul 20203.0Yes
What an improvement!Preki23 Nov 20183.0Yes