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The Legend of Zelda: A New Light

Hack of The Legend of Zelda


This hack provides a new quest for the Legend of Zelda (NES). It changes many parts of the game while staying true to the original. It features brand new graphics never seen before. The dungeons for levels 1-6 are entirely new and all level entrances have been relocated. Secrets in the overworld are moved and there are many overworld surprises. A list of notable changes is as follows:

  • New graphics for link, items, enemies, terrain, etc.
  • New dungeons for levels 1-6
  • New dungeon music
  • All level entrances have been relocated
  • New overworld column combos
  • Relocate most overworld secrets
  • Many overworld tweaks and surprises
  • Change lost woods path and clue
  • Change lost hills location, path and clue
  • Automap patch is applied (without hearts mod)
  • Select button changes “B” item (and no longer pauses)
  • Several refinements to the select/register/delete screens
  • Title screen improvements
  • New in-game text (which is also sped up)
  • Changed low hearts sound effect
  • Changed story text
  • Changed font

Please PM gzip with any glitches or other feedback.


This hack was made using YY-Chr to edit graphics, WindHex32 and HxD for hex editing, Zelda Tech for overworld editing, and Dungeon Master for dungeon editing.

Thanks to GameMakr24, ShadowOne333, snarfblam, Thanatos-Zero, The3Dude, and Trax for all their hard work which makes this possible.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Legend of Zelda, The (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20180803-121122)
  • File SHA-1: DAB79C84934F9AA5DB4E7DAD390E5D0C12443FA2
  • File CRC32: D7AE93DF
  • ROM SHA-1: A12D74C73A0481599A5D832361D168F4737BBCF6
  • ROM CRC32: 3FE272FB




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Not for me.

Reviewed By: gravitygoesup1 on 14 Aug 2020

I played through the original Legend of Zelda and had a good time with it. I had to use a map to figure out where the hell I was going and how I was supposed to get all the items but I still had a good time playing it. This hack has some nice graphics changes and makes the game look a hell of a lot better than the original. The enemies look cool and it’s really well done.

However starting off with the boomerang doesn’t make any damn sense to me. It does a quarter of the damage that the sword does so you have to spam the attack button to kill stuff. It adds to game time, and it’s honestly just annoying. I don’t want to sit here and press the attack button 8 times at the beginning of the game just to kill one of the easy enemies, sorry.

The other thing that just pisses me off is that you go to where Level 1 is in the original game but there’s just the old man and he says “The dungeon is in another forest.” You don’t get anything. Sure, it’s a hint, but it feels like a slap to the face after I’ve died twice and busted my ass just to get here because I have a useless weapon.

If you like starting off a game being a weakling, play it. If you want to have fun, play another hack. I’m not saying I want to have an ultimate end-game ability at the beginning. I want to be able to kill the monsters on the screen and move on to the next…especially when every enemy in Zelda has erratic movement patterns.

Version 2.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Amazing Hackyounes08 Sep 20202.1Yes
Not for me.gravitygoesup114 Aug 20202.0No
Great graphics and fresh starting experienceAldenTapasya05 Apr 20201.1Yes