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Latest New Hacks
NewDisney's Pinocchio - 50 Hz Audio Fix2019-02-17 18:48:28
NewDisney's Pinocchio - Prototype Fixes2019-02-17 18:04:50
NewVixen 357 - Armored Warrior2019-02-17 16:21:59
NewClue RNG Improvement2019-02-17 15:38:21
NewPredator - how it should have been.2019-02-15 20:32:04
NewMortal Kombat 22019-02-15 18:30:52
NewGoonies II Revised Design2019-02-15 10:53:52
NewHokuto no Ken 3 - Sprite Fix2019-02-15 03:52:41
NewLoD Expanded Inventory2019-02-13 18:22:56
NewPokemon Gold 1997 Spaceworld Fixes2019-02-12 22:35:56
NewEnable Extra Characters2019-02-12 12:48:51
NewCastlevania Harmony of Dissonance outline fix pack2019-02-10 13:12:43
NewCastlevania Mirror of Fate Edition2019-02-10 13:02:18
NewStar Wars - The Empire Strikes Back Easy2019-02-09 21:04:28
NewKaettekita Luigi Bros.2019-02-09 18:35:17
NewMetal Slader Glory: DX - Debug Mode Enabled2019-02-09 17:29:30
NewEnable Nightmare Geese + Easy Supers2019-02-08 21:46:54
NewSMB3BadCoins2019-02-08 09:12:19
NewFinal Fantasy Legend III: Lunacy2019-02-07 19:33:23
NewCoin Jump2019-02-04 13:18:21

Last Updated Hacks
EditPokemon Perfect Crystal2019-02-18 05:29:28Made an update to the game to put the 3 legendary birds in more logical locations.
EditFinal Fantasy IV - Ultima2019-02-18 04:40:25I made a slight dialog change in the hack. Updated hack to version 2! This is a big update with lots of additions and changes. Thanks! :)
EditRed Devil2019-02-17 10:41:56The hack's title is now tweaked.
EditSuper Bomberman 2 Hidden Stages Unlock2019-02-17 06:53:37Added patch for the Japanese ROM
EditSMB Visualization2019-02-17 04:58:52Bug fix Graphic fix
EditNBA Jam TE - Double Z Mod2019-02-16 20:57:43Updated v3.9.9.7 of rom hack to v4.0.
EditSelf Randomising ROM2019-02-16 07:35:16Updating to version 1.3.
EditFinal Fantasy VI Relocalization Project2019-02-15 16:37:47Fixed issue with previous upload.
EditLet's Kill Iggy!2019-02-15 12:21:293.0.1- slight update to note block to decrease near-impossible difficulty in 2-2
EditFinal Fantasy VI Advance Font Facelift2019-02-15 11:16:39Much-needed documentation and description update
EditProject II: Final Fantasy IV2019-02-15 11:08:05Description and documentation update
EditFinal Fantasy VI Relocalization Project2019-02-15 06:41:09New version of hack!
EditLoD Full XP2019-02-14 22:26:35Updated Readme
Edittfz's LoD Encounter Rate Bugfix2019-02-14 22:25:13Updated Readme
EditLoD Expanded Inventory2019-02-14 22:23:46Updated Readme
EditLODModS Mod Pack2019-02-14 22:22:40Updated Readme
EditSketching Mime2019-02-14 20:49:51Sorely needed documentation and description update
EditDawn of Souls - Final Fantasy I Auto-Name Update2019-02-14 20:38:46Documentation and description updates
EditFinal Fantasy Proper-caser2019-02-14 20:35:12Documentation and description updates
EditUltimate Mortal Kombat 3 (NES)2019-02-14 17:06:50add new finishing movies: fatality, babality, stage fatality