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NewRefill Weapon after Death2019-12-05 17:58:32
NewRefill Weapon after Death2019-12-05 17:54:34
NewBalloon Fight - 4 players hack2019-12-05 07:32:44
NewMiami Vice: The Videogame2019-12-03 16:35:15
NewRhythm Heaven Gold2019-12-02 01:15:41
NewAstérix & The Great Rescue SMS Full Pass2019-11-30 17:42:19
NewDeltarune 60FPS Hack2019-11-29 02:06:43
NewStreets of Rage 2 - Extreme Mania Hack2019-11-28 12:53:33
NewJourney to Silius MMC5 Patch2019-11-28 11:56:20
NewStreets of Rage 2 -handy IPS patch2019-11-28 11:28:16
NewDouble Dragon MMC5 Patch2019-11-27 19:55:13
NewTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of Rage Remix2019-11-27 15:09:19
NewSkip SMB black screen2019-11-27 08:22:56
NewSelectable Scorpion and Jumbo2019-11-26 01:13:34
NewMega Man ZX Advent Undub2019-11-25 22:02:32
NewPipe Plumber - 2 players2019-11-25 08:15:10
NewCoin Spikes2019-11-24 23:43:37
NewSuper Mario Bros. 3 - No Autoscrolls2019-11-24 16:54:27
NewBattle of the Holy in Stage 12019-11-24 08:51:46
NewMortal Kombat Champion Edition2019-11-24 00:54:38

Last Updated Hacks
EditSuper Metroid Turbo!2019-12-06 09:44:04correct image2 screenshot (wrong was uploaded)
EditSuper Metroid Turbo!2019-12-06 08:21:27Update from 7.3 to 7.33
EditFinal Fantasy 5: Void Divergence2019-12-05 11:54:31update 1.53
EditSuper Mario World: Just Keef Edition2019-12-05 05:08:36Level moderation and graphic fixes
EditRhythm Heaven Touchless2019-12-04 23:10:43Title is inaccurate. Whoops. (The Japanese version is titled "Rhythm Tengoku Gold", but "Gold" has nothing in particular to do with this patch. "Touchless" is much more descriptive.)
EditMega Man ZX Advent Undub2019-12-03 14:51:58Removing "Solid One" from the Authors' field, since the main romhacker from this hack is "Geo", and "Solid One" is already present in the Credits section.
EditFire Pro Wrestling Restoration2019-12-03 11:30:22Upload this one instead. I fixed a few things.
EditFinal Fantasy Tactics: Emergence2019-12-03 11:25:56One of the bugfixes from yesterday did not work 100% of the time. Re-uploading with a fix that has worked 100% of the time. Version number unchanged.
EditFinal Fantasy Tactics: Emergence2019-12-02 23:18:10Correcting 2 game-breaking bugs and 2 minor bugs
EditSchala Edition2019-12-02 20:40:12Adding statement to project description, clarifying that the hack does include the New Game+ feature, despite what was stated in one of the reviews.
EditFire Pro Wrestling 2 Restoration2019-12-02 07:22:36I fixed up the appearances of a lot of the pre-made edit wrestlers, and I also fixed a few things as well.
EditFinal Fire Pro Wrestling Restoration2019-12-02 07:22:33Fixed a few things.
EditSuper Ghouls'n Ghosts Restoration2019-12-01 23:30:38I changed the name Asutaroto to Astaroth, and I also changed the colors of the title screen logo to look more like the arcade title screen logo as well.
EditMega Man 3 Improvement2019-12-01 23:17:44stupid item flash again... im really regretting ever adding this one single edit. :(
EditChrono Trigger: Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch2019-12-01 16:18:26Fixed a couple of enemy names, and put together a version of Bugfix Alone that has Mystics instead of Fiends. Thanks to TheMagus for these suggestions!
EditFinal Fire Pro Wrestling Restoration2019-12-01 09:15:06Upload this one instead. I fixed up the appearances of a lot of the pre-made edit wrestlers.
EditFire Pro Wrestling Restoration2019-12-01 09:15:04Upload this one instead. Fixed a color error on Great Muta's 1st attire, and I also fixed up the appearances of a lot of the pre-made edit wrestlers as well.
EditThe Burdened Crown2019-12-01 08:04:30Fixing download that was previously updated to a Dropbox link
EditSailor Moon Fighter S2019-12-01 05:30:54update to v1.66 (checksum + sd2snes fix)
EditSuper Mario World: Just Keef Edition2019-12-01 02:56:50Updated levels and physics