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NewMr. Hyde in Castlevania2019-06-24 19:44:20
NewBonus Characters2019-06-24 15:18:32
NewSecret of Evermore - A/B Button Swap2019-06-23 17:22:45
NewEJRTQ Canon Samus Patch2019-06-23 07:27:41
NewUnlock True Bison2019-06-22 20:34:47
NewPokemon Ultra Fire Red XD2019-06-22 20:07:57
NewPokémon Black2019-06-22 19:08:50
NewBowsette Jr.2019-06-22 09:52:53
NewSeiken Densetsu 1: Titlescreen Hack2019-06-21 16:37:04
NewPokemon Black and White - Complete Unova Pokedex Edition2019-06-21 09:28:58
NewEnglish dubbing2019-06-21 04:48:34
NewBoss Hack2019-06-20 07:08:06
NewFF Adventure - Adventures of Mana Title Mod2019-06-18 18:53:11
NewBattle City Mario (4 players)2019-06-18 13:38:36
Newtrue color mothra2019-06-18 11:51:38
NewThe Shadow Proto 2 graphics fix2019-06-15 12:39:50
NewDuke with Normal power gauge.2019-06-15 02:14:09
NewFace & Heel Characters2019-06-15 00:11:42
NewEnable Makai Gaoh2019-06-13 07:51:43
NewThe Punisher in the Streets of Rage2019-06-13 01:43:17

Last Updated Hacks
EditSecret of Evermore - A/B Button Swap2019-06-25 11:23:21Hack itself was suddenly no longer available; I must've clicked NoFile on accident. Apologies.
EditMr. Hyde in Castlevania2019-06-25 10:27:40Updating ROM/ISO Information
EditFinal Fantasy VI - Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition2019-06-24 23:27:32Update to version 2.03. This fixes the bug in the Magitek menu that allowed character to choose the blank spaces resulting in a blank attack that does nothing.
EditPhantasy Star Generation: 4 - A Relocalization2019-06-24 15:16:50Ver 4.4 -- updates
EditPokémon Black2019-06-24 14:15:32Fixed a little text. Please change the author name to Ax461, not Ax641, my mistake.
EditSecret of Evermore - A/B Button Swap2019-06-24 11:54:28Documentation updates
EditFinal Fantasy VI - Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition2019-06-23 19:23:45Update to version 2.02 Another MAJOR update to the script. Recently, Mato of Legends of Localization did a script analysis of Final Fantasy VI. Thanks to his efforts, in addition to Kwhazit's translation notes, TWUE was looked over for script errors and inaccuracies. Much thanks to BlazeHeatnix of RHDN for his massive help in bringing this update. With this update, it still remains true to the projects goals, but is now a better version than it was before! Dispel's spell description and Environmental Science fixed. (thanks Merudo of ff6hacking)
EditPokemon Ultra Fire Red XD2019-06-23 17:02:28Fixed a late game-breaking bug
EditPokemon Ultra Fire Red XD2019-06-23 11:33:53Definitely not an improvement but has an identity different from the original while keeping the mechanics intact.
EditFinal Fantasy IV: The Darkness Within2019-06-22 11:12:54Updating version, changing screenshots, adding title screen photo, and edited description. Please add the following contributors: chillyfeez - Hacking assistance & Critical Hit Fix patch Grimoire LD - Critical Hit Fix patch b0ardface - Hacking assistance Myself086 - Hacking assistance & Dash/Menu Speed/ATB patch Crow! - TLS Equipment Screen mod Dragoon ZERO - Long Range Fix patch
EditSeiken Densetsu 1: Titlescreen Hack2019-06-22 10:20:20Fixing minor typos in the description
EditFinal Fantasy IV - Ultima2019-06-21 00:16:33Updated to version 3.21c - updated sprites for a couple of weapons.
EditCastlevania SSBU Simon2019-06-20 17:52:08New Sprites and Bug Fixes
EditBattle City Mario (4 players)2019-06-20 06:10:26Bullet list
EditBreath of Fire Improved2019-06-19 22:00:03Seems to be fixed now. Sorry about the rom its been a long day.
EditSailor Moon Fighter S2019-06-19 14:36:52updated to v1.3
EditFinal Fantasy IV - Ultima2019-06-19 02:01:25Updated to version 3.21b - Completely new sprites for the Ultima Weapon! :)
EditKid Icarus - Retold2019-06-18 23:56:02Readme contained a link to ROM download, which is against site rules. Updated readme on site and in zip file to remove the link. No other changes made.
EditContra: Hard Corps - IT.GAMER Ultra Hack v2.02019-06-18 08:24:48Release date was wrong. Should be June not July.
EditFinal Fantasy IV - Ultima2019-06-18 02:25:38Update to v3.21a - minor edits to boss scripts and spells.