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NewRefill Weapon after Death2019-10-18 08:44:50
NewFreezing Rain2019-10-18 01:26:20
NewEnergy Absorb for the Girl2019-10-18 01:20:17
NewCure Water Both Heals and Cures2019-10-18 01:18:13
NewKirby's Adventure: Debug Edition2019-10-16 11:00:30
NewKillable Snowmen2019-10-16 01:50:00
NewF-Zero Parallel Dimension2019-10-14 12:13:40
NewTina's Adventure Island II2019-10-14 09:06:40
NewCastlevania 3 - Linear Version2019-10-13 11:20:33
NewRefill Weapon after Death2019-10-13 11:00:01
NewTetris DX: Skip Celebrations2019-10-13 07:53:43
NewHarvest Moon: A Proud Life2019-10-12 23:39:21
NewSuicide Burst2019-10-12 23:13:49
NewNew York Brutes2019-10-12 11:24:58
NewMax Pimp2019-10-12 11:04:45
NewLink in The Bomb Factory2019-10-12 10:55:13
NewGangsta Bomberman2019-10-12 10:49:50
NewSuper Castlevania IV Palette Hack2019-10-12 08:46:52
NewNo more pinch music upon Panels reaching the top of the screen2019-10-12 07:04:40
NewCard Mode2019-10-12 07:02:40

Last Updated Hacks
EditDragon Warrior II MMC5 Patch2019-10-19 09:12:04Fixing broken list bbcode
EditDragon Warrior II MMC5 Patch2019-10-18 23:00:03Fixed the mirroring for ending credies screen.
EditFreezing Rain2019-10-18 22:53:24Number of enemies that cast Freezing Rain has been greatly reduced.
EditEnergy Absorb for the Girl2019-10-18 22:52:13Eye Spy, Wizard Eye, Tomato Man, and Eggplant Man will now cast Cure Water instead of Remedy.
EditSuper Castlevania IV - Alter Quest2019-10-18 20:51:52Improved the description.
EditDragon Warrior II MMC5 Patch2019-10-18 09:51:23Had the wrong readme file from Dragon Warrior 1 file.
EditFinal Fantasy IV - Ultima2019-10-18 02:05:54Updated to version 5.12f - minor bug fix and updates to graphics, etc.
EditBalance Spell MP Cost2019-10-18 01:14:02Added more companion hacks to let people customize things a bit and revised README.
EditOverworld Hidden Treasure2019-10-18 00:40:52Added an additional hidden treasure in Matango caves.
EditSOR2 - One Piece: Strange Alliance2019-10-17 17:51:54Update to 0.5.6 version
EditSOR2 - One Piece: Pirate Warriors2019-10-17 17:03:31update to 0.5.13 version
EditDragon Warrior II MMC5 Patch2019-10-17 15:51:22Fixed the bankswitch code at location $FFC1 instead of $FF97
EditDragon Warrior MMC5 Patch2019-10-17 15:30:37Fixed the bankswitch code at location $FF96 instead of $FF7D Changed the $5105 Nametable mapping code.
EditSuper Mario World: Just Keef Edition2019-10-17 00:35:34Put the wrong version of the second patch in the zip file
EditCastlevania 3 - Linear Version2019-10-16 16:18:54Akumajou Densetsu hash was for English translated version. Updated to use original rom hash. Patch works for both versions regardless.
EditTetris DX: Skip Celebrations2019-10-15 13:32:14Added improvement idea.
EditSuper Mario World: Just Keef Edition2019-10-15 01:50:03minor graphic fix and fixed a level with an oversight. Could not beat the level without a powerup or yoshi.
EditHarvest Moon: A Proud Life2019-10-14 21:25:16Fixing links
EditFinal Fantasy IV - Ultima2019-10-14 18:56:00Update to version 5.10f - Updated with new spell! Also fixing the large gif file under Screenshots with a smaller version. Thank you!
EditSuicide Burst2019-10-14 17:29:18Added half option. Fixed bug which caused enemies casting burst to immolate themselves.