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NewSega Smash Pack - Color Restoration2020-01-20 20:58:15
NewChrono Trigger: Respecting Sprites2020-01-20 17:53:37
NewRockman 5: Patch for Air Sliding2020-01-20 10:34:43
NewDuck Tales 2 New Journey2020-01-19 12:56:25
NewAstroblast (Slow & Steady Mod)2020-01-19 12:14:31
NewAstroblast (Rainbow Brite Mod)2020-01-19 12:03:50
NewFrosty the Friendly Alchemist2020-01-19 02:11:07
NewSOR2 - the World Warrior Air Combo Special Edition2020-01-18 21:18:43
NewText-Box-Fix2020-01-18 14:03:54
NewContra Hardest Mode2020-01-18 08:49:57
NewSega Smash Pack - Autoboot Hacks2020-01-17 10:52:59
NewCnD2-4pl: Chip n Dale 2 - 4 players2020-01-16 08:15:25
NewSMW The Crown Tale2020-01-14 17:52:25
NewSuper Mario Kart Deluxe2020-01-13 06:53:35
NewSuper Luigi Sunshine2020-01-12 03:56:17
NewBetter Colors2020-01-11 20:06:39
NewJackal 22020-01-11 15:28:35
NewAstroblast Romhack Two-Pack!2020-01-11 15:09:52
NewSOR2 - the World Warrior2020-01-09 22:22:28
NewVoyage - A Sorceress' Vacation2020-01-08 18:51:04

Last Updated Hacks
EditFire Pro Wrestling 2 Restoration2020-01-20 15:49:12Forgot to change something on Mankind.
EditFire Pro Wrestling Restoration2020-01-20 15:49:08Forgot to change something on Mankind.
EditFinal Fire Pro Wrestling Restoration2020-01-20 15:49:05Forgot to change something on Mankind.
EditRock n' Roll Racing Hack v162020-01-20 14:40:57update to version 16.
EditCastlevania: Portrait of Elegance (New Portraits Hack)2020-01-20 13:44:56Same issue as with the previous update. Loretta's portrait was wrong for one particular instance in the ending sequence. This was fixed in the new update.
EditFrosty the Friendly Alchemist2020-01-20 10:54:34Updated description to match README and providing better screenshots. No code changes.
EditPokemon Grape2020-01-20 10:40:48Final Version v1.4 update, featuring lots of fixes for both overworld and battles (stuck in villa glitch, panopticon levers oversight, dive/bounce messages, and many others) and several addons (Secret TM vendors, Rapid Spin special effect, and a few more).
EditDuck Tales 2 New Journey2020-01-20 09:26:23Fixing submission author
EditSuper Luigi Sunshine2020-01-19 22:47:36I added a custom title for those who play their backups on USBLoaderGX on Wii and Wii U onto the GameTBD site. That's why I wanted to add that so people who know about it.
EditMortal Kombat 4: Hardcore Attack2020-01-19 21:27:56The new mod version.
EditRockman 3 - Speed Bound2020-01-19 13:04:16a lot of modifications
EditEightBound2020-01-18 23:19:08Fixed bug that made game unplayable.
EditContra Hardest Mode2020-01-18 21:44:34Added more info to clarify this is Konami's hardest mode in Contra.
EditSMB Coin Spikes2020-01-18 21:22:51Changed what tile is being used for the spikes, previously the tile for the letter K got replaced with the spike tiles
EditSOR2 - the World Warrior2020-01-18 20:23:06update
EditSOR2 - FF Xover 2019/2020 - Special Air Combo Edition2020-01-18 14:22:18update
EditSOR2 - Final Fight Crossover 2019-20202020-01-18 14:02:02update
EditSOR2 - FF Xover 2019/2020 - Special Air Combo Edition2020-01-18 11:01:07update
EditBatman Unmasked2020-01-18 00:12:52New title screen and fixed the position of Batman in the logo.
EditSOR2 - the World Warrior2020-01-17 23:37:25update