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Last Updated Reviews
EditHacks - SMW The Crown Tale2020-01-21 14:43:35Wanted to add an edit to my review as the author of the hack messaged and clarified a nitpick I had about the game.
EditHacks - Mega Man the Wily Wars SRAM+2020-01-21 03:17:33I got Ar8temis008's gender wrong (oops), but she mentioned something which is worth noting. (Also, changed a couple of sentences for clarify.)
EditHacks - Hyper Metroid2020-01-14 07:48:05I replayed the game and wanted to correct my opinion I made regarding my slightly critical opinions of the developer's story.
EditHacks - FF6 - Brave New World2020-01-12 14:50:35Tried the update.
EditHacks - Mega Man X3 - Zero Project V4.0 (Base Mod)2020-01-11 01:52:45revised
EditHacks - The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask - Masked Quest2019-12-30 21:13:37Changing my opinions for the new update, and my personal progress.
EditHacks - Super Metroid Turbo!2019-12-17 15:30:05Part of the review is no longer true, the author addressed the issue I had by updating the patch, which I really appreciate. Also revised the review a bit.
EditHacks - Miami Vice: The Videogame2019-12-13 15:37:54Edited, the bug was fixed.
EditHacks - Super Mario World: Just Keef Edition2019-12-08 19:27:23I added a comment on the different versions of the hack.
EditHacks - Mega Man 3 Revamped2019-12-08 15:16:31Review now reflects changes made to version 1.1
EditHacks - Balloon Fight - 4 players hack2019-12-07 23:37:41Edit
EditHacks - Sailor Moon Fighter S2019-12-07 23:36:12(minor clerical errors)
EditHacks - Mortal Kombat Champion Edition2019-12-07 18:38:07Author pm me nicely, ask what was wrong, did run test and it was my error because I had not play for a long time.
EditHacks - FFT - Dark Knight Ramza2019-12-02 19:23:50Additional information, and followup.
EditHacks - Mortal Kombat Champion Edition2019-12-01 14:58:25I have already made the ROM plyabla, and I'm now ready to mkake the real review
EditHacks - Mega Man 3 Improvement2019-12-01 09:32:26The hack is fixed, therefore, and already the opinion that there were also about old versions of this modification
EditHacks - Rockman CX2019-12-01 08:55:51Forgot another moment from the list... And slightly corrected the text, for there twice met a number, or rather paragraph 13
EditTranslations - Faxanadu2019-11-30 10:01:47Added details
EditHacks - Legend of Zelda: Awakening of Onyx2019-11-27 00:38:38Corrected other hack mentioned. Zelda Badlands should have been Zelda Outlands
EditHacks - Castlevania: Dawn of Dio2019-11-24 08:08:50Wanted to add something.