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Last Updated Reviews
EditHacks - Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced Battle2019-04-13 17:11:50Updating the review to match the current version after the author fixed a problem with this back.
EditHacks - Castlevania - Symphony of the Night - HardType2019-04-12 03:43:31Important supplemental info on getting the hack to work in all emulators plus tidy up the review a bit. Thanks.
EditHacks - Batadvantage mod2019-03-31 07:07:09mistyped "great" into "gret"
EditHacks - Super Mario Bros. - Two Players Hack2019-03-27 16:31:50spelling mistake corrected
EditHacks - Zelda III: Hyrule Explorer2019-03-26 09:33:50Had to update some things I wrote about the patch not being compatible with another patch (Redux). It is indeed compatible, and this re-written review reflects that.
EditHacks - Zelda III: Hyrule Explorer2019-03-24 07:58:18Included some errors that I needed to update: It actually works with the Redux hack.
EditHacks - Super Castlevania IV Uncensored2019-03-22 20:50:08Mod Author updated the hack.
EditHacks - Secret of Mana Scroll Hack2019-03-20 21:56:50More Info on Patching
EditHacks - Mother: 25th Anniversary Edition2019-03-17 23:08:25Rewrite
EditHacks - Mega Man X1 - Air Dash/Wall Jump QoL2019-03-11 22:16:41Ignore the edit from earlier today. I saw the filesize and thought the issue was fixed.
EditHacks - Mega Man X1 - Air Dash/Wall Jump QoL2019-03-11 12:58:39Re-upload fixed an issue.
EditHacks - Mega Man Redux2019-03-10 09:50:27Fixed a few things and rephrased a few words.
EditHacks - Final Fantasy IV - Ultima2019-03-06 11:22:41Removed the parts about there not being a way to sprint.
EditHacks - Final Fantasy IV - Ultima2019-03-05 11:40:59Added a much more detailed review.
EditHacks - Mother: 25th Anniversary Edition2019-02-28 02:05:02Changed recommendation status pending self-addressing of grievances.
EditHacks - Mother: 25th Anniversary Edition2019-02-25 17:55:43Typo in last line.
EditHacks - Final Fantasy III: Story Edition.2019-02-25 10:24:17Part of my comment was inaccurate
EditHacks - Pokemon Perfect Crystal2019-02-21 14:25:11Updated, added source code link.
EditHacks - Phantasy Star Generation: 4 - A Relocalization2019-02-01 02:14:30Fixed up the final sentence in the third paragraph, i left a couple of words out.
EditHacks - Mario's Picross X2019-01-31 21:22:41Clarification.