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EditHacks - Phantasy Star Generation: 4 - A Relocalization2019-02-01 02:14:30Fixed up the final sentence in the third paragraph, i left a couple of words out.
EditHacks - Mario's Picross X2019-01-31 21:22:41Clarification.
EditHacks - A Link to the Past DX2019-01-22 22:24:56Updated my old review
EditHacks - Mega Man 2: No Slide2019-01-21 13:36:24Refinements.
EditHacks - Batadvantage mod2019-01-19 11:34:04My original review contained mildly inaccurate information relating to the weapon power-up system and how this hack affected gameplay. This edit corrects the error.
EditHacks - Monty Mole Island 3 - Boom Boom's World2019-01-10 21:45:59typos and revision fix
EditHacks - Mario's Picross X2019-01-04 05:20:10I played more through the game, and I added more commentary as I said.
EditTranslations - Konami Wai Wai World2018-12-31 12:20:37Felt too much like a first draft; shouldn't emphasize the localization effort in the headline if it's such a minor point.
EditHacks - NBA Jam 2K17 - Overtime Edition2018-12-15 18:06:59more details
EditHacks - Castlevania - Symphony of the Night - HardType2018-12-10 22:02:00I wanted to clarify, elaborate on a few things for the sake of my... anality? Thanks.
EditHacks - Mortal Kombat II - Hidden Characters Playable2018-11-25 15:37:00Corrections.
EditHacks - Castlevania - Symphony of the Night - HardType2018-11-18 14:05:18Edited the review slightly to add more info and remove the recommended status because of how annoying the glitches are.
EditHacks - Super Mario Bros. - Two Players Hack2018-10-22 10:07:34Further reviews after intensove playing
EditHacks - Super Mario Bros. - Two Players Hack2018-10-18 11:26:03More detailed, constructive feedback
EditHacks - Castlevania - Symphony of the Night - HardType2018-10-06 12:46:44after playing it all the way through and thinking about it more, I have changed certain opinions. This will be my final edit. Thanks.
EditHacks - Castlevania - Symphony of the Night - HardType2018-09-30 00:04:57I made a error in my previous review. Thanks.
EditHacks - Grandia Voices & Video cutscenes Undub NTSC-U English2018-08-29 22:39:10Proofreading
EditHacks - Zelda - Link's Awakening DX Hero Mode2018-08-28 14:16:16The author fixed up the patch, so I thought I'd revise my review without actually deleting what I said about the original release (nor did I want to bloat the list up with another entry from me).
EditTranslations - Pokémon Trading Card Game 22018-08-24 16:15:48More proofreading, whoops!
EditTranslations - Pokémon Trading Card Game 22018-08-20 10:24:39Proofreading