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Last Updated Reviews
EditTranslations - Ys V: Ushinawareta Suna no Miyako Kefin2019-06-23 13:00:37Mistakes made in spelling of words are now corrected
EditUtilities - SMB Relocaverburator2019-06-12 00:12:49Found a fix
EditHacks - Super Metroid Project Base Levels + Control Freak2019-06-09 22:46:54Bugs were fixed
EditHacks - Super Metroid Project Base Levels + Control Freak2019-06-08 02:12:56Included information regarding the 1.1 update
EditHacks - The Legend of Zelda - Trial of Courage2019-06-01 10:23:56Author has updated the hack to alleviate a lot of the complaints from before. Therefore I've updated my review to reflect those changes.
EditHacks - Crystalis Computer Repair2019-05-29 16:05:59Removed suggestion to make a JP version, made the patch myself and uploaded.
EditHacks - Aria of Sorrow: Julius Story Mode Hack2019-05-28 19:33:10Changed perspective
EditHacks - Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow - Definitive Edition2019-05-25 11:54:16It turns out the bug I reported previously was due to the emulator, and not with the game itself, so I have removed that comment from the review.
EditHacks - Metroid + Saving Unofficial Update2019-05-21 13:56:39Changed recommendation to Yes. The palette bug, while distracting, does not take away from the overall improvements the hack brings to the game.
EditTranslations - Biohazard2019-05-15 05:09:47I wanted to add a little helpful information.
EditHacks - FF1: Dawn of Souls - Hard Mode2019-05-14 13:23:05Minor grammatical error fix
EditHacks - FF1: Dawn of Souls - Hard Mode2019-05-13 23:59:35Edited the version because I got them confused with the other mod this mod requires to use.
EditHacks - Super Mario RPG Revolution2019-05-09 13:02:05Apologies, but I made a lot of changes, such as adding more details and replacing "you" with a more general "the player." Sorry!
EditHacks - Rockman 3 - Speed Bound2019-05-08 21:09:22I guess my hack isn't entirely obsolete after all.
EditHacks - Final Fantasy III: Story Edition.2019-05-02 10:30:30played more and tried to combine this patch with a few others :)
EditHacks - The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask - Masked Quest2019-05-01 00:33:11updated opinion
EditHacks - The Terminator2019-04-28 20:33:14added bbcode to video url
EditHacks - Dragon Warrior II General Improvement2019-04-28 15:18:42The encounter rate actually is quite close to the original, yet it still high...
EditHacks - The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask - Masked Quest2019-04-24 17:17:45Auto correct needs to die
EditHacks - Super Mario Land DX2019-04-23 15:09:09Review updated again, after a fellow user informed me of the fact that the Fire Flower is actually a Superball Flower, and that those were Bombshell Koopas, not the normal kind that leave their shells behind.