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Last Updated Reviews
EditHacks - FFT - Dark Knight Ramza2019-12-02 19:23:50Additional information, and followup.
EditHacks - Mortal Kombat Champion Edition2019-12-01 14:58:25I have already made the ROM plyabla, and I'm now ready to mkake the real review
EditHacks - Mega Man 3 Improvement2019-12-01 09:32:26The hack is fixed, therefore, and already the opinion that there were also about old versions of this modification
EditHacks - Rockman CX2019-12-01 08:55:51Forgot another moment from the list... And slightly corrected the text, for there twice met a number, or rather paragraph 13
EditTranslations - Faxanadu2019-11-30 10:01:47Added details
EditHacks - Legend of Zelda: Awakening of Onyx2019-11-27 00:38:38Corrected other hack mentioned. Zelda Badlands should have been Zelda Outlands
EditHacks - Castlevania: Dawn of Dio2019-11-24 08:08:50Wanted to add something.
EditHacks - SMB3 RELOADED2019-11-24 01:04:16change recommendation
EditHacks - Chrono Trigger: Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch2019-11-15 20:52:54I made an unfair review before based on some super subjective issues I had. The author reached out to me to not only thank me for my lack of recommendation but offered to even help me make the changes to make it what I wanted (I had done this before but some of the newer changes would have taken a lot more time to revert/change). But I was not being honest with myself that I wouldn't recommend the romhack after I literally followed it for 2 years on the forum. It deserves recommendations even if its to use as a base for your own personal changes.
EditHacks - Mega Man 3 Revamped2019-11-13 13:21:35After playing a bit more, my opinion has vastly improved. Updating the review to reflect that.
EditHacks - Castlevania: Dawn of Dio2019-11-12 19:08:20For some things that i need to put
EditHacks - Quest for the Missing Hat2019-11-08 21:58:07Spelling/grammar corrections.
EditHacks - The Legend of Zelda - Trial of Courage2019-11-08 10:10:14Corrected spelling error and slight clarification.
EditHacks - Harder Final Boss2019-11-06 07:45:02Changed only a single word, improving the sentence it was in. No other changes
EditHacks - Faerie Coconut2019-11-06 04:04:14Header slightly altered to bring it more up-to-date. Also updated main body with slight adjustments, for easier reading and enhanced clarity.
EditHacks - Herbal Boost2019-11-06 03:58:48Unfortunately, it still had a couple of formatting and grammatical issues, which I had forgotten about. Hopefully, that's the last of them sorted. -_-'
EditHacks - Normal Mario Bros.2019-11-06 03:42:46Fixed a text error
EditHacks - Magical Herb2019-11-05 08:24:52Header slightly altered to make it more up-to-date. Also, main body updated for easier reading, and to clarify my position on the minor animation issue.
EditHacks - Herbal Boost2019-11-05 08:16:36Header slightly altered to make it more up-to-date.
EditHacks - Early Luna2019-11-05 08:12:50Header slightly altered to make it more up-to-date.