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Last Updated Reviews
EditHacks - Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne - Hardtype2020-09-23 09:30:38edited for clarity
EditHacks - Sup-Zero2020-09-21 06:38:36Omitting one piece of misinformation.
EditHacks - Dynamic Action Selection Unofficial Update2020-09-13 10:32:06New information that contradicts original review.
EditHacks - Double Dragon 2 - Same Side Punch Kick + Controller Fix2020-09-11 23:42:03revisions
EditTranslations - Phantasy Star2020-09-11 22:03:20Mistakenly said a character's name wasn't in the original Japanese; my wife corrected me.
EditHacks - Castlevania - Balanced Difficulty2020-09-08 19:25:43Grammatical errors.
EditHacks - The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Power2020-08-18 22:52:55Hacker has made updates to this hack, so now I approve of this hack.
EditHacks - Super Baldy Kart2020-08-13 03:04:50Added some clarification about the effects when using different emulators.
EditHacks - Final Fantasy C22020-08-11 14:36:52Minor correction added to the bottom of the review.
EditHacks - Starlight Mario2020-08-09 06:50:36Grammar and Strange sentences fixed.
EditHacks - Super Mario Bros. - Mario Vs. Airman2020-08-09 06:48:25Review sounded a bit strange.
EditHacks - Mega Man II Music Improvement2020-08-01 23:06:01Update
EditHacks - Super Luigi Sunshine (Now with Luigi's voice)2020-08-01 21:46:49Giving my thoughts on recent updates.
EditHacks - Mario Kart: Super Circuit - Localized Voices2020-07-28 23:25:10Review update.
EditHacks - Super Mario Star Road2020-07-25 16:21:08missing word
EditUtilities - MZM Randomizer2020-07-25 15:54:08Decided to change recommendation to yes but with warning
EditHacks - Mother 25th Restoration Hack2020-07-24 16:29:46after speaking with hack creator, removed references to minor graphical glitches that are present in the game itself and have nothing to do with that hack
EditHacks - Mother 25th Restoration Hack2020-07-23 14:57:41clarified the *visual* charm
EditHacks - Donkey Kong Country 3 - Tag Team Trouble2020-07-22 18:50:13Fixing Misspellings
EditHacks - Rockman/Mega Man 2 - Slide and Charge Shot2020-07-22 15:16:08Discovered the reported issue is only with the US version of the patch. Japanese version is unaffected. Review updated accordingly.