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This form may look pretty intimidating at first, but it's really quite simple. This is the required information necessary for our database to generate a page and catalog your submitted material! This is what needs to happen in order for the power to truly be in your hands. Your submission will feed directly into our database (after staff approval of course). prides itself on having an archive of the highest quality ROM hacking material on the internet. The quality of your submission, and information presented, will directly impact the image of this site. Please make a serious effort. Fill the form out completely.

Please take a moment to read the following guidelines and ensure that your submission meets our requirements and is of the highest quality before submitting. If you have any questions, please ask on the message board FIRST! That's it. Get to it and let's make this the best ROMhacking community site on the net!

General Guidelines:

  • Click the '?' icon for help and/or clarification on any field in the form you're not sure about.
  • BBCode is allowed and encouraged for all description and review fields. Use it to make nice looking bulleted lists, bold text, italic text, and more!
  • Double check that the game title and author name are not already in the database (or under an alternate name) before writing them in manually!
  • Please write up an adequate length description. That's what all our visitors are going to see. Proof read your work and check for spelling errors!
  • Screenshots are highly encouraged. A picture is worth 1000 words and they will encourage visitors to try out your submitted material!
  • Screenshots should be clean and in native resolution of their respective platform. (See full policy)
  • All file and image fields are URL based. That means you must input the URL to a file or image stored on another site or personal webspace. Upon approval, the files will be copied to our servers! No local uploads are allowed at this time for security reasons. (See our file recommendations.)
  • Non English descriptions are not accepted in any section.
  • For current generation platforms including Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii U, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and Xbox One; only news, documents, and utilities may be submitted. No hacks or translations are permitted at this time.

News Guidelines:

  • For translation or hack projects, include at least a sentence or two about what the game is and what platform it is for. Not everyone may know about the game in question.
  • A bit of history about the project should be included. When did it start and who was involved? This is valuable information to aid users in assessing and appreciating the material.
  • One image (up to 640x480) or two images (up to 320x240 each) are accepted.
  • Although an account is not required for news submission, if you are logged in, your news submission will be linked to your account profile.
  • News should be written in third person as is standard in academic or professional writing.
  • News images are expected to be safe for work/school viewing.

Special Notes:

If you are submitting news relating to a document, utility, or patch release (or anything carried on this site), please go to Submit Files, create an entry, and add the file to our site. For updates, you can simply edit the existing entry page! After your submission is approved, you should submit the news article with a link to the entry page in the 'RHDN Project Page' field. News articles without a corresponding project page (where applicable) may be delayed or rejected. This process ensures all news and entry pages will be properly linked and be able to be cross referenced by our visitors.

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