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Final Fantasy Legend III

Game Boy

Game Description:

It looks like Final Fantasy Legends III, but it feels like Final Fantasy IV. Characters are standardized and there’s a heavier emphasis on characterization. I haven’t beaten it, but it was my favorite Final Fantasy Legend. You have a cool time travelling ship and you have actual levels. Oh, and you can jump! O_O

The system is very similar to Final Fantasy Legend II’s, except that now, each monster is displayed. This means that you’ll face less monsters per battle, but that doesn’t mean it’s any easier. It’s hard. Brutal even. I haven’t beaten it because I’m a foul pansy.

Graphics-wise, very little has changed from its previous two entries. The ship also looks like a giant tower instead of a ship. Unless I’m confused.

Sound is good, although I honestly remember Final Fantasy Legend II’s battle theme more. So, it’s really standard.

The story is pretty good for an early Gameboy RPG. You’re training for god knows what until disaster strikes and you gotta strike back at it. And so bigger stuff happens and you’re going around trying to rebuild your cool time travelling ship which you eventually get to fly (and looks like a ship). I never got to the end because this game isn’t easy and I haven’t played it since high school.

Out of all the Final Fantasy Legend games, if there’s only one you should play, it could probably be this one. It’ll be the most familiar and easier to grasp than FFL2. It’s still pretty outdated and you’ll probably go to sleep at night in fetal position, sucking your thumb. Or I remember it wrong.

Translation Description:

This is a pretty basic translation (or rather, “re-translation”) of SaGa 3, or “Final Fantasy Legend III” abroad. When the game was localized in English territories, a few things were changed (possibly due to censorship) or otherwise completely redone. Specifically, some of the enemy bitmaps were toned down to less detailed versions, and the magic and item inventories were grossly simplified to allow for longer item and spell strings. The scope of this project is to restore the original content.

It should be noted that this project does not aim for literal accuracy. Due to space constraints, that would be impossible; however, I’m doing my best to ensure that important names reflect their Japanese counterparts. Items and spells aren’t particularly accurate due to aforementioned constraints, but I’ve kept them close to classic Final Fantasy nomenclature.


- All inventories translated, including equipment, items, spells, enemies, abilities and Steslos (Talon) units.

- Battle commands translated.

- All menus and menu-related strings translated.

- Title screen translated.

- Expanded magic inventory to 5 characters in order to implement icons. These were absent from the Japanese ROM.

- Expanded equipment icons so that every single item has an icon, including the Saw weapon. (not even the English version had one)


- The main dialog. Only bits of dialog related to menu options and vendors are translated and inserted. The main game script is compressed and may take some time.

- Verbose text during battle. (e.g. “Dune attacked enemy A”) The syntax of Japanese is a bit different from that of English, so this might require some creative effort.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • File: Sa-Ga 3 (Final Fantasy Legend III) (J).gb
  • Length: 262144 Bytes (2 Mbit)
  • CRC32: 575D6D9D
  • MD5: FCFA7B01 F96B5546 DEFB6B3C 739F4008
  • SHA1: C8DCBEFC 0352B059 0FD85A68 3D983B55 10A63519


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
saraHackingHacking, expansion, script extraction / insertion
granzTranslationGeneral translations

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