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SD Gundam G Generation Overworld

PlayStation Portable

Game Description:

About the game & its 2 PSP prequels:

SD Gundam G Gen Overworld is a 2D strategy RPG that’s somewhat similar to Super Robot Wars and Fire Emblem in terms of gameplay. In this game, you control giant robots known as mobile suits and warships as you fight through scenarios based on events from the Mobile Suit Gundam anime series and manga, as well as a secondary narrative that ties together “Overworld” and its predecessor, “G Gen World”.

This game, which is the last of the three PSP games in the SD Gundam G Generation sub-franchise, features content from 35 different Mobile Suit Gundam/Gundam anime series and many original mecha unit designs. There are also many more included units from at least one unidentified anime series including “MSV”. According to the game’s profile there are a total of 109 warships from 35 anime series and other unidentified series and several original designs.

By comparison, the first “G Gen” PSP game (Subtitled “SEED”) featured 22 anime series and several original mecha designs. It has a few dozens of warships from 7 anime series.

The second “G Gen” PSP game (Subtitled “World”), also on Wii, featured 34 anime series and many original mecha designs. Like the sequel after it there are also many more units from at least one unidentified anime series. It has many more warships than the prequel from 22 anime series and 1 original warship design.

Translation Description:

The complicated history of the “G Generation” sub-franchise:

The SD Gundam G Generation line is a huge sub-franchise all on its own as part of a much more massive, all-encompassing Mobile Suit Gundam franchise of video games. The former sub-series is also a part of the SD Gundam line, which has many non-G Gen games and started much earlier in 1990. They tend to be of the tactical RPG variety (Think the Super Robot Wars line, but enclosed in the Gundam universe only). On the other hand the normal Mobile Suit Gundam video games tend to be of the action type.

There have been 28 G Generation game titles all the way up to the first one in the series on PS4 & PS Vita. Interestingly enough, none of those “G Gen” software before that first “G Gen” PS4/PS Vita game had ever been officially localized into English. 1 title was an expansion and 3 were either remakes or quasi-remakes. 8 titles were multiple versions of 4 games, so there are 24 unique titles in all.

Why translate this?

Up until 2016, there were few newer Gundam games translated into English, and almost all of them were Dynasty Warriors: Gundam/Gundam Musou titles. While attempts were made to translate both World and Overworld at release, they failed due to technical complications that could not be overcome at the time.

Then, in June 2014, the project was revived by izzul95 on GBATemp, who managed to access many of the text files required to pull off a translation. What followed was a roughly 2 and a half year effort to translate thousands of words and decipher many of the complexities of the game’s programming. See for a large media collection.

Almost everything is translated. The only major exception is the huge libraries database, which is not worth it according to the team.

1. Obtain .ISO of G Gen Overworld. Make sure it is an OVERWORLD .ISO, NOT a G Gen WORLD .ISO.

2. Download the Patch files and XDelta from this link.

3. Open XdeltaUI, and open the patch you want to apply.

4. For the source, select your original Overworld ISO.

5. Set an output location, and press “Patch”. The output file will be the name of the patched ISO.

The patch is in .xdelta format and of mammoth size (~1137 MB), so it is not hosted here - you can find it in links above.

Original ISO size: 1,782,448,128 bytes.

Patched ISO size: 2,095,554,560 bytes

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Region ID: NPJH50681
  • Filename: 2984 - SD Gundam - G Generation Over World (Japan) (v1.01).iso
  • CRC32: 688DEC81
  • MD5: CEF86185F94D76365C850A5EF4EFC4DF
  • SHA-1: 7EE211E54051AB381B0DFF6AE1BF171487C51EF4
  • SHA-256: 50EDD89890CE4327A2E00FD6B036AAC7BC5D922654FCDC8A6DFEFCF989E7407A


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Izzul95ProductionProject founder, initial translations
CrashmanXHackingCo-founder, hacking, scenario translation
PiQue_MajorCookeHackingHacking, scenarios translation
DanikkHackingHacking, HD texture patch creation
CleanSweepScript Editing/RevisionEditor
LoakaMossiScript Editing/RevisionEditor
Giliel777GraphicsGraphic designer
BlackDog61GraphicsGraphic designer (Logos)
AdanK85TranslationTranslation of storyline & dying quotes

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