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Vs. Ice Climber


Game Description:

Vs. Ice Climber is a platformer game for arcade.

Translation Description:

Hungarian translation for Vs. Ice Climber. Enjoy!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • mds-ic4-4 b.6a:
  • MD5: 6B4106DF265AF90168F0B3271E5BB858
  • SHA-1: 0FB913853DECEBEC1D5D15EE5ADC8027CD66F016
  • CRC32: 96505D4D
  • mds-ic4-4 b.6c:
  • MD5: 7A0CAFDE55EC694DF9B7672C92974094
  • SHA-1: F40812D4275DABAAC6F9539E1300C08D07992654
  • CRC32: 51FE438E
  • mds-ic4-4 b.6d:
  • MD5: D2C33E4D9D93EAFF6EA65D5B197893DE
  • SHA-1: 3BA6228AC8011371FC36CE9DDE4FC158A81A99A2
  • CRC32: 0EA5F9CB
  • mds-ic4-4 b.8a:
  • MD5: ADC221AB3B298D03FEA669A0F21488D5
  • SHA-1: 676E0AB574DEC08DF562C6F278E8A9CC7C8AFA41
  • CRC32: 4EC44FB3
  • mds-ic4-4 b.8b:
  • MD5: 65C0D21D0562A1ADC21AA1501D3BC3A3
  • SHA-1: 4CF94D711CDB5715D14F1AB3CADEC245E0ADFB1E
  • CRC32: 331460B4
  • mds-ic4-4 b-1.6b:
  • MD5: 1DCD13D21E6E75A4BE4D81BA8D829527
  • SHA-1: F798DA6C107926790026D4A4D384961DBFF2380E
  • CRC32: A8AFDC62


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ContributorType of contributionListed credit
SzemigiHackingFull Hacking & Translation to Hungarian

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