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Chrono Cross


Game Description:

Chrono Cross is one of the oddest birds one can think of when it comes to sequels. Born out of a couple of Trigger team members basically not wanting to do the same game twice (and as a kinda-sorta/not really remake of Radical Dreamers, apparently it takes place in another dimension), it has it’s backlash and it’s fond remembrances. Some even argue about it’s status as a true sequel. There isn’t any real time travel and the game instead takes place 20 years after the events of the original, outside of the entire continent the former game is based on. Instead gameplay consists of hopping through two parallel dimensions. In one you died as a child, and in the other you’re alive and well doing normal silent protagonist things.

Translation Description:

The patch is created for the Japanese version of Chrono Cross. The patch will translate the game from Japanese to Chinese.

There is two types of Chinese patch:-

  • 1st Type, can directly apply to the BIN/ISO (PPF File)
  • 2nd Type, requires special BIOS (BIOS File + PPF File)
  • Press ○ for 1st type and press □ for 2nd type when selection pop up.
  • If want to burn the BIN/ISO to disc, you have to use 1st type.
  • If want to play on emulator, you can use either one.

For v1.0 there is not need to use the special BIOS, as it was for earlier patch version. The reason for patching the BIOS is that all the Chinese Texts are stored in that Special BIOS file. As this kind of patch requires a special BIOS so it cannot be played on a console, only on an emulator. The BIOS file could not be uploaded here as it violated RHDN Policies.

As the internal serial code of the games is same for both discs (SLPS-02364), kindly naming the patch accordingly in order not to confuse.

Use PPF-O-Matic to apply the patch to the BIN/ISO. Use Delta Patcher or xdelta UI to patch the Chinese Text Storage to Japanese BIOS (SCPH-1000).

For further information such as character’s details, walkthrough and etc, kindly visit the Chinese Forums. Click HERE, HERE and HERE.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Original Text Language: Japanese
  • Disc 1 (SLPS-02364)
  • - CRC-32: 76f0d094
  • - MD5: 988a1af02970f75fbb7d69b121246f23
  • - SHA-1: bd0eaf31f3fe2733beee318b6590de9d912f4293
  • Disc 2 (SLPS-02365) [SLPS-02364 in BIN/ISO]
  • - CRC-32: 8951c94d
  • - MD5: 826a66fb8e10bccf43ad69edb1d7988b
  • - SHA-1: 04d839998f7ce95c405fba756891ccafeee429f2


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Di DaoTranslation
GyaradosuScript Editing/Revision
Du SanScript Editing/Revision
deo.RScript Editing/Revision
Cha Ye MiScript Editing/Revision
Xiao GuiScript Editing/Revision
Qing Liu Li XiaScript Editing/Revision

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