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Level Editors


Platinum is a generic, layer-based level editor. Unlike most level editors, this one isn’t geared specifically to any game. It includes a number of tools geared to level creation, including the standard pen (places one tile at a time), a tiling pen (allows a box to be drawn, to copy and paste entire level structures), and fill tool (standard flood fill).

For editing and displaying your level, there are also a number of options. You can toggle which layers are displayed, and enable “fog” mode which is a layer priority mode. A grid is available, as well as tile number display. You can zoom in and out in both the editor window and preview window.

Since it is a generic editor, it imports/exports from/to generic formats. However, since it is plugin-based, you can write new plugins to export to whatever format you need. Some documentation about creating your own plugins is included. By default it supports bitmap, CSV text file, and fixed mapdata file formats. An example RPG-style map is included.

The editor is available in both Japanese and English, although the English text was machine translated from Japanese, and sounds clunky as a result. You can select the language in the Version Info… dialog in the Help menu.

Included is the current stable release of 1.71 & the 1.81 BETA.


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