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Megadrive Voice Editor - MDV




  • Hear voice banks from megadrive games
  • Export them as wave files or in their original format (binary file)
  • Import wave files to replace existing voices
  • Manage voices by cloning them or switching their position in the bank.
  • Setup options and create guides for specific games (advanced)
  • The application tries to auto-detect the guide for the loaded game (it looks at the ROM header for the name of the game)
  • It comes with guides for a variety of games


  • Pitch must be handled better.
  • Add more guides, make existing guides more complete

Now everyone update your Streets Of Rage hacks with your custom voices! :P

Note: Don’t save your voices if the bank size is exceeded (you’ll see it in red), or you may be corrupting something. Voices are not saved until you hit save or until you’re prompted to do so, so feel free to manage voices at will and save only when it’s done.

Apologies for the pitch issue, but it is yet to figure out yet how exactly it affects playback frequency.

Once again I have to thank to Red Crimson for the help on understanding the format of voices and voice banks, and for the addresses of banks of several games.


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