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(81 to 100) of 184 Results
TitleSourceWidthHeight AscendingDescriptionLangDate
Times New GrecoSpoony Bard88Here is font which contains numbers, uppercase, and lower case lettering.EN07 July 2013
Arabic FontMahmood S. Lattouf & Hisoka88Here is an 8 x 8 font for usage in Arabic related translation which consists of a thick version and thin version of the Arabic lettering.AR19 July 2013
Bold kanaBattletoads + Self made88This font has full latin, numbers, hiragana and katakana symbols. The katakanas were drawn by me, and the others are from Battletoads (J). This font has the particularity of being probably the only font able to display bold hiragana on 8×8 charact….JA26 July 2013
Not much left(Wizardry: The Knight of Diamonds + Megami Tensei 88This font contains full latin, numbers, hiragana and katakana character set, all 80 of the first grade kanjis, plus quite a few lot of punctuation and various symbols. It’s called “not much left” because it uses up 255 of the 256 av….JA26 July 2013
Legacy Of The WizardLegacy Of The Wizard (NES)88Here is a font extracted from Legacy Of The Wizard which contains lower case & upper case lettering, numbers, and symbols.EN19 December 2017
Arabic Font Pack (Small)Arabic MSX Bios + Self-made88A multi-language 8×8 font pack, that should prove useful to anyone attempting an Arabic fan-translation or hack (or with some modifications, even Persian and Urdu, since they share the same alphabet mostly). Normally, each Arabic letter has four f….AR04 September 2013
Gradius III FontGradius III (SNES)88Here is the font extracted from Gradius III. It contains uppercase lettering & numbers.EN01 December 2017
M-Tee's Elnark ShortM_Tee88Adapted from Towa Chiki’s Erunaaku no Zaihou, this font has been reduced from a standard height of 7 pixels to 6 to enable readability when used on consecutive rows of text. New lowercase characters and punctuation marks have been added as well…..EN30 December 2013
M-Tee's Digital ChiselM-Tee88An original, stylized 8×8 font containing two typefaces: Original and Embossed. Suggested for use in games of ancient and pre-history settings that are not text-heavy. Characters include: 0-9 A-Z upper and lower , ‘ . ! ? ( ) / & “ ” ….EN11 January 2014
Retro Block FontExcitebike Hack - Risker88Here is a retro block style font which has all uppercase lettering.EN09 February 2014
FinS 8x8 fontsvarious88This is my pack of 7 8×8 fonts which I have accumulated from various sources and edited myself. I try to left justify my fonts and center them vertically but you my find alterations are necessary. They are mostly single color.EN23 March 2014
Half EightiesMultiple Sega games88A font with more custom characters to support some multiple languages, and bold weight, originally ripped from (famous) Sega titles including Action Fighter (SMS port), Outrun, Space Harrier, Wonder Boy in Monster Land (SMS port), and a few more arou….EN05 December 2019
8-bit Operator+ 8GrandChaos9000888-bit Operator+ 8 is a pixel monospaced font with regular and bold weight.EN24 April 2014
Deuce's FontDeuce88Here is a font which contains Uppercase and Lowercase characters with numbers and symbols.EN04 May 2014
Military Stencil Font - 19431943 (NES) by Capcom88Here is a military style stencil font extracted from 1943 for NES. It contains uppercase lettering and numbers.EN27 November 2017
Korean ZizoncheFFIV Korean Translation88This is 8×8 size Korean font created by Team Redwing while working on FFIV translation project.KO12 July 2014
Modern DOS 8BIOS/OEM DOS88Modern DOS is the default BIOS/OEM DOS monospaced font from the mid-90s to present for many different old to new computer and laptop models. This font graphics was released to the public domain.EN27 August 2014
Prince of PersiaPrince of Persia88Here is the font from Prince of Persia extracted from the NES version. It contains uppercase lettering and numbers.EN02 September 2014
Mega Man X FontMega Man X88Here is the font extracted from Mega Man X. It consists of Uppercase & Lowercase lettering as well as numbers and symbols.EN23 January 2015
Base SevenDamian YerrickVWF8This sans-serif proportional font is used in the menu of the collaborative NES multicart STREEMERZ: Action 53 Function 16 Volume One and in the NES homebrew game RHDE: Furniture Fight. The package also contains a command-line tool writt….EN25 March 2015
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