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(141 to 160) of 184 Results
TitleSourceWidthHeight AscendingDescriptionLangDate
Parasite Eve (English version)Parasite Eve US editionVWF12The original font used in the US version of Parasite Eve. Looks like an old typewritter font.EN22 March 2014
Parasite Eve (Japanese version)Parasite Eve Japan editionVWF12Japanese character set used in the Japanese release. It contains English characters as well.JA22 March 2014
Legend of ManaCUEVWF12English font of “Legend of Mana” (PSX).EN12 March 2016
Dawn of Souls Dialogue FontFinal Fantasy I & II: Dawn of SoulsVWF16This is a rip of the dialogue font from Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls. The font originated in Sword of Mana on the Game Boy Advance, and variations of it were also used in Final Fantasy IV Advance, Final Fantasy V Advance, and Final Fantasy….EN19 June 2009
Earthbound Dialogue FontEarthboundVWF16Earthbound’s dialogue font.EN19 June 2009
Earthbound Mr. Saturn FontEarthboundVWF16Earthbound’s infamous Mr. Saturn font.EN19 June 2009
Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart VWFKaioShinVWF16The custom font I created for DQM Caravan Heart. It’s based on some windows font, but I can’t remember which. Punctuation and special characters aren’t included but should be easy to add.EN19 June 2009
Earthbound Intro FontEarthboundVWF16Earthbound’s intro font. It’s subtly different from the dialogue font, more curves and with serifs.EN19 June 2009
Melissa 16GeminiVWF16Custom font created from scratch for no specific game, and later used by Kingcom in his translation of Oriental Blue for the Gameboy Advance. The font is somewhat inspired by Times New Roman, and it includes some sort of antialiasing effect with a ni….EN02 November 2009
Blood of BahamutGeminiVWF16A custom 16×16 font created in an attempt to mimicry the style of the 8×8 set used the english translation of Bahamut Lagoon. Includes all the basic ASCII values, so no char maps should be really necessary.EN02 September 2013
Digital 7-segmentsDigital displays816This font simulates the digital displays made of 7 segments. Because those displays were originally made only to display numbers, some letters are ugly and/or ambiguous. Ambiguities :
  • ‘0′, ‘O’, ‘Q’ and ‘D….
EN02 June 2012
Digital 9-segmentsDigital displays816This font simulates digital displays made of 9 segments. Most upper-case and lower-case letters are easily readable. Ambiguities :
  • ‘B’ and ‘8′ are identical
  • ‘D’ and ‘O’ are identical
  • ‘….
EN02 June 2012
Digital 14-segmentsDigital displays816This font simulates digital displays made of 14 segments. Ambiguities :
  • ‘F’ and ‘P’ have no distinction between upper and lower cases
  • ’s’, ‘v’ and ‘z’ can be a little hard to read, use th….
EN02 June 2012
Digital 16-segmentsDigital dispalys816This font simulates digital displays made of 16 segments. Ambiguities :
  • ‘P’ has no distinction between upper and lower cases
  • ’s’, ‘v’ and ‘z’ can be a little hard to read, use the upper case if thi….
EN02 June 2012
Demon's Crest (Large Font)Demon's Crest - SNES816Here is the large font extracted from Demon’s Crest for SNES. It includes uppercase lettering & numbers.EN07 December 2017
7th Saga Font7th Saga - SNES816Here is all the larger font extracted from 7th Saga. It included upper & lower case lettering as well as numbers.EN26 November 2017
DarkLaw FontDarklaw - SNES1616Here is a font extracted from DarkLaw for SNES. It contains upper and lower case letters as well as numbers.EN15 June 2013
U.N. SquadronU.N. Squadron - SNES1616Here is a font extracted from UN Squadron for SNES. It contains upper case letters & numbers.EN15 June 2013
Chic FontSpoony Bard816Here is a font which contains Numbers,Upper-case, and lower case lettering.EN07 July 2013
Cursive CapitalsSpoony Bard816Here is a font which has numbers, upper case, & lower case lettering.EN07 July 2013
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