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General Information

(41 to 60) of 184 Results
Title AscendingSourceWidthHeightDescriptionLangDate
Calderon Handwriting CondensedJames CalderonVWF8This is a condensed, variable-width version of my sans serif font. The entire set of characters are all included.EN31 May 2012
Calderon Handwriting EleganteJames CalderonVWF8Finally, the stylized version of my handwriting font (I write like this sometimes)! Two bitmaps are included here: one optimized for a fixed 8-pixel width (characters are centered) & another prepared for variable width (characters are aligned ….EN05 June 2012
Calderon Majuscule RomanJames Calderon88As a caps-only seriffed font, this is perfect for newspaper-type body or anything meant to look typewritten.EN10 August 2012
Castle of DeceitCastle of Deceit (NES)88Here is a font extracted from Castle of Deceit for the NES. Included are upper-case letters, numbers, and a few symbols.EN02 December 2017
Castlevania 2Castlevania 2 (NES)88Here is a font extracted from Castlevania 2 for the NES. It contains upper-case letters, numbers, and some symbols.EN02 December 2017
Chic FontSpoony Bard816Here is a font which contains Numbers,Upper-case, and lower case lettering.EN07 July 2013
ChicagoFinal Fantasy VIVWF11This is the VWF that Squaresoft used in several of their SNES RPGs. It’s based on a Mac OS Font called Chicago, hence its name here. The font is popular among fan translators, and has been used in numerous projects. This particular variation was….EN03 July 2009
Chicago (dropshadow)SquaresoftVWF12The classic font Chicago used in several Squaresoft games and very popular among fan translators, this one has the dropshadow included.EN22 March 2014
Chicago MenuFinal Fantasy VI88This is a fixed width menu font inspired by Chicago that Squaresoft used in Final Fantasy VI. It features larger lowercase letters than most fonts, and compliments the game’s VWF well. Please not….EN03 July 2009
Chrono TriggerJacksterVWF12Beautiful font extracted from one of the greatest RPGs there are: Chrono Trigger. This font is very similar to Chicago font.EN22 March 2014
Chunx0rzSpoony Bard88Here is a font which contains numbers, upper case, and lower case lettering.EN07 July 2013
Code Name - ViperCode Name - Viper (NES) by Capcom88Here is the font extracted from Code Name - Viper. It contains upper & lower case letters as well as numbers & symbols.EN27 November 2017
Code Name - Viper (Bold Font)Code Name - Viper (NES) by Capcom88Here is the bold font extracted from Code Name - Viper. It contains upper & lower case letters as well as numbers & symbols. All numbers and upper case letters are bolded but the lower case ones are not.EN29 November 2017
Cool World Font (Bold)Cool World (NES)88A bold-type font extracted from the game Cool World for the NES. It contains upper-case letters, numbers, and symbols.EN07 December 2017
Cryptic FontFesters Quest88Here is a font extracted from Fester’s Quest. It contains uppercase lettering & numbers. It is meant to used in games that would utilize all the colors of the palette available to give the font a “cryptic” look to it.EN11 June 2013
Cursive CapitalsSpoony Bard816Here is a font which has numbers, upper case, & lower case lettering.EN07 July 2013
Cursive Style FontHandyMan II - Wrecking Crew Hack88Here is a cursive style font extracted from the HandyMan II hack of Wrecking Crew for NES.EN14 June 2013
DarkLaw FontDarklaw - SNES1616Here is a font extracted from DarkLaw for SNES. It contains upper and lower case letters as well as numbers.EN15 June 2013
Dash Galaxy FontDash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum (NES)88Here is a thick style font pulled from Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum. It contains uppercase lettering & numbers.EN28 November 2017
Dawn of Souls Dialogue FontFinal Fantasy I & II: Dawn of SoulsVWF16This is a rip of the dialogue font from Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls. The font originated in Sword of Mana on the Game Boy Advance, and variations of it were also used in Final Fantasy IV Advance, Final Fantasy V Advance, and Final Fantasy….EN19 June 2009
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