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16 October 2019 2:02PM EST - Update by Zynk

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

This is a player sprite hack of Adventure Island 2 for the NES. This hack changes Master Higgins’ player sprites into his girlfriend Tina. There are 3 patches for each region release: US, JP, and EU.

A lot of sprites were reconstructed to fit Tina’s custom sprites; notably, the skateboarding, jumping and swimming sprites, and the part where the player is riding IN the pterodactyl, instead of only a head sticking out of the flying dino’s back (like a pilot riding in a biplane), in this hack the player is riding ON its back.

Special Thanks to Spiderdave for helping fix a bug in the game. Apparently, that bug got carried over in Adventure Island 3 *gasps*.