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Firebrand: A Ghost and Goblins Tale Retranslation

08 January 2019 6:28AM EST - Update by Neil

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

After several years of painstaking work Pennywise, catfoodmoney, and team have finished a retranslation of the Gameboy classic RPG known as Gargoyle’s Quest in North America. As is typical of Pennywise’s work, significant care was taken to ensure everything looks as good as possible with significant work to the menus and even a title screen translation courtesy of FlashPV.

The original translation was reportedly heavily abbreviated, something this retranslation doesn’t suffer from. If you’re a fan of the series or just looking for a classic portable RPG to dig into, this is a great place to start!

Dynamic-Designs releases Mystic Ark v 1.01

24 December 2009 8:12PM EST - Update by Neil

Translations News

An update from Dynamic Designs’ Mystic Ark project from group member Red Soul:

Today we at D-D released Mystic Ark v 1.01. We are pleased to announce it works universally both on copiers and emulators, including those with accurate coding in mind. For this reason we are recommending BSNES for this release, although one is free to use any of the other excellent SNES emulators available to play our release.

Please consider this fine piece our Christmas gift for the community and expect more great things from D-D in the future.

You may find this patch archived here at RHDN.

Zero Tolerance Level Editor

18 July 2009 10:13PM EST - Update by Neil

Utilities News

Hat tip to Zophar’s Domain’s Message Board and Inverse for pointing out a new level editor. Quote from the author’s post on ZMD:

Hi everyone. About 10 years ago I used to play this game, and there was one thing bothering me - I always wanted to get into those rooms that have no entrances :D. Recently I found out that the game’s now freeware so I got the ROM and enjoyed it again, still interested in those closed rooms. I’ve been searching for a level editor or even just a viewer but couldn’t find any, so I decided to make one myself. Initially I didn’t plan to make any public releases but thought maybe someone has also been looking for such an editor, and here it is :D Doesn’t have all of the planned features yet, so this is not a final release. For now it has viewing and basic editing features. You can get it here (didn’t have any site so I had to create this one to host the editor, nothing else’s there for now). Some editing instructions are in the readme file included in the archive. Please pm or email me for any feature requests, questions or in case you found any glitches. Hope this will be useful for someone :rolleyes:

P.S. The editor only supports ROMs in .BIN format so you need to use an SMD to BIN converter. I might add support for SMD in future releases, if requested.[

You can find the utility at the author’s site or archived here at RHDN.

Der Langrisser 1.02

31 March 2008 11:11PM EST - Update by Neil

Translations News

D and byuu’s SNES Der Langrisser translation has been updated to 1.02! What’s new you may ask?

  • Rewriting done on a considerable amount of dialogue based on user reports and play data supplied by MK. This includes revisions to much of the ending dialogue, re-translation lines in more than 30 scenarios and editing of text which was written based on fault speaker assumptions.
  • Corrected another bug in the original Japanese game which caused Lana’s injured portrait to appear in the end of Scenario 35.
  • Corrected a bug in the original game which listed Elementals as hireable units in the Living Armour and Stone Golem classes. Elementals do not exist as a hireable unit in the games 64-unit array. They have been removed from all units and are no longer displayed in the class change screen, though enemies and NPCs which have elementals will retain their units in game play.
  • The Living Armour class has been augmented with Demon units, which were previously dummied out of the game. Demons are a weaker version of Archdemons, and will only be useful in the stage or two immediately following scenario 13, or if Osto pursues Stone Golem instead of Vampire Lord.
  • Corrected all unit type (affinity) text which was written incorrectly in the Japanese game. The original game listed only 7 unit types, but the manual listed 18. Reverse-engineering of the class data tables showed the game manages 18 distinct unit types, and this explains why units classified as Bowman, such as Ballista, would remain weak to fliers. In the original game, the developers only allocated screen space for two characters at the right of each unit, so the unit types were all renamed to fit this screen. The English game allows for more space than the Japanese, and we are able to display the original intended names. In short, the unit affinity data in the manual for the first time in history matches what you see in Der Langrisser.

The patch is available in UPS format here.

Super Robot Wars 1!

20 May 2007 12:30PM EST - Update by Gideon Zhi

Translations News

Aeon Genesis has completed a translation of the original Super Robot Wars game! Thanks must go to Tyria for his dialogue translation (the other things you did are coming soon too, I promise!) as well as Ryusui and Ian Kelley for both translating the stuff that kept turning up quickly and efficiently. (The title screen is also Ryusui’s.)

Please don’t expect much from this. Being the very first Super Robot War it’s not all that great of a game, but it really is an interesting footnote in the history of a truly fantastic series of games.

Get your fix at Aeon Genesis.

RHDN Super Robot Wars Page

FDS Explorer 1.3 Beta Released!

24 September 2006 6:02AM EST - Update by Neil

Utilities News

FDSExplorer is a windows based disk manipulation, disassembler, and hex viewer for Famicom Disk System images (read “ROMs” for those of you who have no clue what disk images are). It was writtenby the author of aNES, an Amiga NES emulator and relies on the .NET framework (version 1.1) to run.

You can grab it from the authors site or from

FDS Builder version 8/1/06

01 August 2006 6:52PM EST - Update by Neil

Utilities News

KingMike has updated his FDS Builder program.

Quoth the King:

I changed the format to name files filenumber.dkx instead of fdsfilename.dkx. This should fix issues with games that use letters prohibited in DOS filenames. I also noticed, and fixed a bug where when loading sides 2+, the program would assume the .fds file had a header (now it checks for a emulation header). Now it also checks if the last file (specified by the FDS disk card format) on a side, really is the last file. Some games will say there is x files in the header, but will check for more files as a copy-protection measure. Though my program assumes that “hidden” files will immediately follow the last not-hidden file.

FDS Builder is a program that takes Famicom Disk System images (i.e. games) and seperates them into their proper individual files for easier hacking.


18 July 2006 6:25PM EST - Update by Neil

Utilities News

SMILE is a full featured Super Metroid (SNES) editor for Windows.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Loads and loads of bug fixes.
  • A back up and recovery system! Each time you exit SMILE, a back up is made with just you most recent changes (to keep the files small). If an irrecoverable error happens, you can walk through the recovery system to fix it, losing only a small amount of work. How is this done?
  • IPS is now supported. You can create a patch, apply a patch, or apply an entire folder of patches! Thanks to FuSoYa, because it’s his dll that’s doing the bulk of the work.
  • Text editing . . . SABS handled green intro text. SMILE handles that, plus area names, bomb texts, and my own text engine (not released publically yet, but it will be).
  • Samus palette editing . . . SABS handled some of this. SMILE handles *all* of this. You can even make new fade effects! Other palettes can be edited with this as well.
  • Game properties . . . Some that were only in SABS, some that SABS never had.

I am forgetting some things, I’m sure. Just rest assured that this release is big. I’ve also included some small IPS patches for the public to use:

  • clearmem.ips - needed in order to make the other two work correctly
  • gravity.ips - allows you to adjust gravity in individual rooms
  • torizo.ips - allows bomb torizo to activate on any item pick-up, not just bombs… X/Y are no longer based on the hardcoded values, but rather wherever you place it in SMILE.

You can download SMILE from this site, or the authors site linked below.

pSX 1.6 Released!

12 July 2006 9:49PM EST - Update by Neil

Utilities News

One of (the only?) playstation emulators still being actively worked on has been updated (or was about a week ago) to 1.6! This update features some impressive progress on acuracy, etc. etc. etc., but what really matters to our audience here is that it features debug tools! Memory editing, breakpoints, logging of system calls, and the like. Very exciting stuff! You can grab the debug exe from us or from the authors page where you will also find the full release and an archive of past releases.

The what’s new list is rather long, so I’ve hidden it. If you’d like to read it, click the discuss link in the upper right hand corner of this post.

Utility & Document Additions

17 April 2006 11:57AM EST - Update by Neil

Utilities News

We’ve added a few new things to the utility/document archive in the past two days which we thought some of you would be interested in:

  • PatcheRL: A specialized patcher used by on their nintendo DS translation.
  • Chrono Trigger Item Name Editor: Suprisingly enough, an item name editor for Chrono Trigger.
  • FCEUXDSP: A port of FCEUXD that adds a feature called ‘text hooking’ whereby a user can highlight in game text and have it pasted into a standard text window.
  • Super Mario RPG Editor: Edits shops, starting stats, and other fun things in the Super Mario RPG ROM.
  • Metroid: Zero Mission Level Header Editor: We posted news about this yesterday, but a new version has been released which supports enemy placement.
  • SMB3 Data: A document detailing everything you ever wanted to know about editing stuff in SMB3 for Super Mario All-Stars that you might have ever had an inkling of possibly wanting to know.
  • Super Mario World Compression: A quick reference guide to the Super Mario World compression routine.

As always, if you know of something ROM Hacking related which isn’t in our database, please feel free to submit the files and/or submit the news.

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