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Megafield64's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksGreat For a Laugh and a ChallengeMegafield642015-06-04 06:18:21
HacksPoor Palette ChoicesMegafield642015-06-04 06:18:08
UtilitiesBare BonesMegafield642015-06-02 23:43:21
HacksSimple Silly HackMegafield642015-05-19 23:30:55
HacksA Well Made Hack Plagued By One FlawMegafield642015-05-19 23:30:08
HacksA Very Well Designed Level HackMegafield642015-05-19 23:29:31
HacksA Great Hack Plagued By a Bad BugMegafield642014-11-22 19:33:51
HacksWhat's Been Hacked In This Game?Megafield642014-11-21 19:17:45
HacksSimple, Yet CleverMegafield642014-11-21 06:53:21
UtilitiesA True Example of How Level Editors Should BeMegafield642014-10-21 15:49:37
HacksA Merry Christmas From MarioMegafield642014-10-17 18:48:07
HacksAbsolutely Hilarious!Megafield642014-10-16 00:52:23
HacksFeels IncompleteMegafield642014-10-16 00:33:02
HacksMakes No SenseMegafield642014-01-14 00:52:32
HacksI Want to Rock & Rock All Night & Play Golf EverydayMegafield642014-01-14 00:13:21
HacksSo This Is What a Power-Up Has to Go Through to Help the Hero...Megafield642014-01-14 00:13:04
HacksFun For About Two SecondsMegafield642014-01-14 00:12:33
HacksSuper Mario Fans and Mega Man Fans Finally Unite Under One Banner!Megafield642014-01-14 00:12:11
HacksImpressive Level DesignMegafield642014-01-08 17:23:05
HacksHunt For the Original Famicom Disk ROM InsteadMegafield642014-01-02 17:07:38
HacksVery UsefulMegafield642014-01-02 17:07:15
HacksCool Upgrade!Megafield642014-01-02 17:05:39
HacksVery Well DoneMegafield642014-01-02 17:05:21
HacksLacklusterMegafield642014-01-02 17:04:49
HacksCalming and DelightfulMegafield642014-01-02 17:04:25
HacksAdds ChallengeMegafield642014-01-02 16:28:47
HacksThis Hack Is Awesome!Megafield642013-12-25 19:11:37