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21 November 2001 - Reflection by Dave


Alright, this is the first Rom translating/hacking project I finished and released under the name of Gaijin Productions.

Earlier, I attempted doing Daisenryaku for SNES, Fire Emblem 1 and Dodge Danpei for Genesis. however I needed to get a project that could be done asap!!

Daisenryaku had graphic compression, Fire Emblem 1, well even with Albert’s permission to use his translations and my translator also working on it, the script was taking too long, and Dodge danpei had graphic compression (also at the time there were no good graphics viewer for the genesis).

Then i found Daisenryaku for GB. Hacking wise it was probably the most simple game to work with! Translation wise it was a bit of a bitch, used alot of “destruction” and military related terms in Japanese i wasn’t too familiar with (well familiar with now). My translator for this was look4sheep, after many nights, we managed to finish it within a reasonable amount of time.