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TitleReleased By AscendingGenrePlatformStatusVerDateLang
Tales of PhantasiaeDaRole Playing > Action RPGSNESFully Playable1.026 Feb 2002NL
The New Zealand StoryKamparanoAction > PlatformerTG16Fully Playable1.010 Apr 2019NL
Antarctic AdventureKanaRacingMSXFully Playable1.011 Apr 2019NL
Konami's SoccerKanaSportsMSXFully Playable1.013 Apr 2019NL
DaisenpuuKanaAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.014 Apr 2019NL
Hyper SportsKanaSportsMSXFully Playable1.017 Apr 2019NL
Hyper Sports 2KanaSportsMSXFully Playable1.015 Apr 2019NL
Hyper Sports 3KanaSportsMSXFully Playable1.015 Apr 2019NL
GalagaKanaAction > ShooterMSXFully Playable1.017 Apr 2019NL
TurricanKanaAction > PlatformerTG16Fully Playable1.017 Apr 2019NL
VigilanteKanaAction > Beat 'Em UpTG16Fully Playable1.017 Apr 2019NL
TruxtonKanaAction > ShooterGENFully Playable1.018 Apr 2019NL
Zero WingKanaAction > ShooterGENFully Playable1.019 Apr 2019NL
R-TypeKanaAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.020 Apr 2019NL
Zool: Ninja of the "Nth" DimensionKanaAction > PlatformerGENFully Playable1.019 Apr 2019NL
SinistronKanaAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.019 Apr 2019NL
Cyber CoreKanaAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.020 Apr 2019NL
Heavy Unit: Mega Drive SpecialKanaAction > ShooterGENFully Playable1.020 Apr 2019NL
Darius PlusKanaAction > ShooterSGFXFully Playable1.022 Apr 2019NL
Darius AlphaKanaAction > ShooterTG16Fully Playable1.022 Apr 2019NL
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