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    I'd uploaded an incorrect ips file of another game called dynamite duke. Now it's the correct patch
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    Actually included the ips file in this folder! Whoops.
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    Wrong release date.
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    Amending my review due to misconstruing what the patch does, at first. I assumed one of the patches retained the armor graphics and changed the palette, which it actually doesn't do.




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3 Documents
DOOM 32X Hacking Notes32XGame Specific07 Jan 2011
James Pond 3 Hacking NotesGENGame Specific18 Jun 2010
Kid Chameleon Hacking InfoGENGame Specific25 Sep 2008

7 Utilities
YMX2SYXGENSound28 May 2017
CHEESE!GENGame Specific18 Jun 2010
K-E: The Kid Chameleon EditorGENLevel Editors10 Feb 2010
DOOM 32X response file for DM2CONV32XGame Specific18 Jan 2010
DOOM 32X WAD Converter32XMiscellaneous15 Jan 2010
DOOM 32X DeHackEd Patcher32XGame Specific05 Jan 2010
ChaoSaX RXLN/APatching04 Jul 2002

3 Hacks
Kid Chameleon Puzzle MapGENComplete06 Feb 2010
DOOM Spinball32XComplete09 Jan 2010
DOOM 32X 24 Level Expansion32XImprovement30 Dec 2009


3 Hacks
Kid Chameleon Puzzle MapHacking
DOOM SpinballOriginal Hacking
DOOM 32X 24 Level ExpansionHacking