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16 Hacks
F-Zero MSU-1SNESImprovement06 Feb 2017
A Link to the Past DXSNESImprovement10 Jan 2017
Zelda3 IQ testSNESComplete29 Oct 2016
Zelda - A Link to the Past - Master QuestSNESImprovement01 Dec 2015
BS Super Mario Collection week 3 bugfix and week2 enableSNESImprovement21 Nov 2015
BS Super Mario USA Base patchSNESImprovement11 Nov 2015
BS F-Zero Grand Prix 1SNESBug Fix06 Nov 2015
The Legend of Zelda MSU-1SNESImprovement09 Jul 2015
AST Week 3 fixSNESComplete30 Mar 2009
AST Week 1 fixSNESComplete30 Mar 2009


24 Hacks
Super Ghouls'n Ghosts RestorationHacking
Zelda3 CubeHackingASM
Conker's High Rule TailHackingAssembly Hacks (New items, different protagonists, MSU-1, star wars intro, ending screens etc...)
A Link To the Past - "Pretty Redux"Original HackingOriginal "A Link to the Past DX" Hack
A Link to the Past: ReduxOriginal HackingALttP DX Original Creator
Zelda3 Parallel WorldsHackingASM work for v1.2
F-Zero MSU-1Hacking
Zelda3 IQ test Revenge of the EinsteinHackingASM work
A Link to the Past DXHacking
Zelda3 IQ test RemodelHackingASM Work