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10 Hacks
Fleet Commander 2 Bug FixesMSXImprovement10 Sep 2011
Akumajo Dracula - Vampire Killer - ImprovementsMSXImprovement26 Jul 2011
King's Valley 2 EnhancementsMSXImprovement15 Jul 2011
Metal Gear 2 - Turbo FixMSXImprovement15 Jul 2011
The Maze Of Galious - ImprovementsMSXImprovement02 Jul 2011
Metal Gear 1 - ImprovementsMSXImprovement07 Mar 2011
Konami's Soccer ImprovementsMSXImprovement30 Jan 2011
Space Manbow FixesMSXBug Fix08 Jan 2011
Gradius 2 EnhancementsMSXImprovement04 Apr 2009
Salamander ImprovementsMSXImprovement23 Feb 2009