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15 Hacks
Super Mario Bros 3 - The Ultimate Custom Level ChaosNESComplete08 Nov 2020
Super Mario Bros 3 - Ultimate Custom Level ChaosNESComplete07 Sep 2020
SMB3 ModifiedNESComplete30 Aug 2020
Super Mario Bros 3 - Custom Level ChaosNESComplete01 Aug 2020
Tetris - Tetrimino Palette SwapNESImprovement17 May 2020
Ms. Pac-Man MiniNESComplete22 Dec 2014
English1stud's Ms. Pac-Man HackNESComplete07 Dec 2014
NEW Super Mario Bros. 3 ReturnsNESComplete07 Dec 2014
Ms. Pac-Man PlusNESComplete09 Sep 2014
NEW Super Mario Bros. 3 RedemptionNESComplete24 Nov 2013