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12 Hacks
Battle City: Liquid modNESImprovement05 Jul 2018
Galaxian: Liquid modNESImprovement05 Jul 2018
Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers 4NESComplete25 Jul 2016
TMNT3 ArenaNESComplete29 Oct 2015
Ninja Gaiden SRAMNESImprovement20 Oct 2015
TaleSpin: Another Shitty Day 1.25NESComplete18 Oct 2015
Castlevania RPGNESImprovement20 Sep 2015
Castlevania 2 RemixNESComplete28 Feb 2015
Chip 'n Dale - Lomax AttacksNESComplete10 Mar 2014
Darkwing Duck - In EdoropolisNESComplete20 Dec 2013