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SilentEnigma was that kid in junior high who would load a bunch of ROMs from a CD onto the school computers and play them during class, instead of goofing off on the Internet with flash games like a normal human being.

By high school, he left behind those immature antics and moved on to bigger and better things – like loading a bunch of ROMs onto his portable media player and playing them during class.

He wouldn’t learn the first thing about hacking until a decade later.

His projects nowadays focus on making measured improvements to golden age SquareSoft RPGs.

SilentEnigma’s favorite game, by a wide margin, is FF7. Naturally, he spends most of his time hacking FF6.



6 Hacks
FF6 Silence GraphicSNESImprovement08 Sep 2020
Final Fantasy VI: Revised Old Style EditionSNESImprovement28 Jun 2020
Soft ResetSNESImprovement16 May 2020
Docile NPCsSNESImprovement18 Apr 2020
Stuck in a Pose FixSNESBug Fix20 Feb 2020
Description DisruptionSNESBug Fix14 Feb 2020


12 Hacks
Final Fantasy VI - Total Graphics UncensorshipHackingFF6 Silence Graphic; additional Fixing to Final Battle Uncensored
FF6 Silence GraphicHackingAuthor
ReCast FF3: War of the MagitekHackingSoft Reset, Continue Prompt
Final Fantasy VI - Ted Woolsey Uncensored EditionOriginal HackingVarious Bugfixes
Final Fantasy VI: Revised Old Style EditionScript Editing/RevisionDialog script & menu text revision
Final Fantasy VI: Revised Old Style EditionOriginal HackingQoL enhancements & bugfixes
Soft ResetHackingAuthor
Docile NPCsHackingAuthor
Stuck in a Pose FixHackingPrimary hacking and ASM work
Description DisruptionHacking