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5 Hacks
Castlevania - Localization FixNESImprovement13 Feb 2018
Aria of Sorrow Fix 3 - Localization FixGBAAddendum04 Feb 2018
Harmony of Dissonance - Localisation FixGBAImprovement23 Jan 2018
Metroid: Zero Mission - Chozo Hint Statue RemovalGBAImprovement12 Feb 2017
SMB1/LL Switched Overall ColoursSNESImprovement12 Mar 2016


7 Hacks
SMAS Improvement HackOriginal HackingCreator of the SMAS: SMB1/SMBTLL Switching Overall Colours Hack
Castlevania - Localization FixHacking
Aria of Sorrow Fix 3 - Localization FixHackingCreator of 'Aria of Sorrow Fix 3'
Harmony of Dissonance - Localisation FixHacking
Metroid: Zero Mission - Chozo Hint Statue RemovalHacking
Super Mario All-Stars+Super Mario World ReduxOriginal WorkCreator of the 'Switched Overall Colours' patch.
SMB1/LL Switched Overall ColoursHacking