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  • Translations
    V1.2: Fixed level selection.
  • Translations
    Updated readme (removed mention of real hardware compatibility as the original patch already was compatible)
  • Hacks
    -Reverted the starting continues from 4 back to 3. -Goomba and Koopa heads are now pasted over Galsia and Donovan. -Inserted A.J. Nitro, Ridge Troopa and Yawackhary's names in the ending credits. -Inserted Dcat and Monfriez's names in the ending credits. -Lengthened Peach's Defense Special Animation by 8 frames. -Updated a few enemy palettes. -Edited which enemies appear in Survival Mode. -Peach's Pipe/Sword attack can now hit from behind. -Made modifications to enemy groups. -Changed Hakuyo to Garnet (as in Streets of Rage 2: Girls' Paradise). -Changed Electra's Jump Kick voice clip. -Changed Shiva to Karai from TMNT: Tournament Fighters (Genesis). -Edited the intro text. -The apple is now a pizza. -Changed Fog (Biker) to a Foot Soldier. -Can break out of back grabs at the press of attack. -Bowser now does an uppercut during his melee attack to make it work better as an anti-air. -Inserted block voice clip.
  • Games
    Replacing washed-out title screen image with higher quality screen capture




A caveira niilista da net e fã do super nintendo.



Bastard!!: Ankoku no Hakaishin (EN)SNESBastard!!: Dark God of Destruction
Final Fantasy III (PT)SNESFinal Fantasy VI

Actraiser II Easy spellSNESActRaiser 2
Easy moves and ZarakSNESWeaponLord
Enable AmakusaSNESSamurai Shodown
Enable bosses and easy movesSNESWorld Heroes 2
Enable bosses and secret menusSNESUltimate Mortal Kombat 3
Enable Ryo Sakazaki and Easy moveSNESFatal Fury Special
Enable Shin Akuma and Easy movesSNESStreet Fighter Alpha 2
Fair Random BattleSNESArabian Nights: Sabaku no Seirei Ou
Machine-gun BowSNESDragon View
Mortal Kombat - Red Blood and Easy MovesSNESMortal Kombat
Robot Masters AISNESMega Man 7
Tetris Battle Gaiden - Playable BossesSNESTetris Battle Gaiden
TMNT 4 - Increase Bosses DifficultySNESTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time
Unlock GeegusSNESWorld Heroes
Zero SaberSNESMega Man X3