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Brightness fix SMAS + SMW  Improvement Latinfix Super Royal Pals.

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Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Lunar Pool Final Fight Adventure Island

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sf_decrunch Elemental Gearbolt (PSX) BIN repacker Super Gokuden 1 Translation Tools DashEditor - Mega Man Legends Translation Toolkit

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4 Way Play test ROM Retail Clerk '89 Sega Genesis 6 button controller test Parachute

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Metroid 2000 Warp Animation Enabling Patch Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance - NoGlo Arcana EasyType

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Cybernator Front Mission: Gun Hazard Dezaemon Pokémon: Silver Version

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    Forum Name added. Removed Link (which was the link to their Forum Name)
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    I uploaded the current version of my hack, because a couple users said the Form/EX Skill screen is messed up looking, while the version I have is not.






1 Utility
RomPatcher.jsN/APatching01 May 2018

1 Translation
Rockman Battle & Fighters (EN)NGPCUnfinished15 Oct 2018

4 Hacks
Dr. Mario DXGBImprovement20 Jul 2020
Donkey Kong Country Palette restorationGBAImprovement03 Jul 2018
The Lost Vikings - Palette RestorationGBAImprovement13 Aug 2017
Blackthorne - Palette restorationGBAImprovement10 Aug 2017


2 Translations
Rockman Battle & Fighters (EN)HackingFull Hacking & Translation
Snatcher (ES)HackingPatcher for BIN/Cue game format

4 Hacks
Dr. Mario DXHacking
Donkey Kong Country Palette restorationHacking
The Lost Vikings - Palette RestorationHacking
Blackthorne - Palette restorationHacking