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Developer of the Double Z Mod Trilogy for NBA Jam Tournament Edition (SNES).

Developer of the TMNT of Rage Trilogy for Streets of Rage 2 (Genesis).



2 Documents
Streets of Rage 2 - Revising the Title ScreenGENAssembly14 Sep 2019
Hacking NBA Jam TE: A Beginner's GuideSNESGame Specific05 Sep 2019

9 Hacks
Astroblast Romhack Two-Pack!2600Improvement11 Jan 2020
Streets of Rage 2 - Extreme Mania HackGENImprovement28 Nov 2019
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of Rage RemixGENImprovement27 Nov 2019
NBA Jam 2K20 TE - Alex Caruso Player PatchSNESAddendum10 Nov 2019
NBA Jam TE - Double Z ModSNESImprovement05 Sep 2019
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... of RageGENAddendum04 Sep 2019
NBA Jam 2K20 - Tournament EditionSNESImprovement15 Jul 2019
NBA Jam 2K17 - Overtime EditionSNESAddendum05 Dec 2018
NBA Jam TE / NBA Jam 2k17 Bug FixesSNESBug Fix21 Sep 2018


9 Hacks
Astroblast Romhack Two-Pack!HackingAstroblast Controlled Chaos & Without a Paddle mods
Streets of Rage 2 - Extreme Mania HackHackingDeveloper of the Extreme Mania Hack
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of Rage RemixHackingTMNT of Rage and TMNT Remix hack development
NBA Jam 2K20 TE - Alex Caruso Player PatchHackingPrimary developer of the 2K20 hack; Alex Caruso patch/DLC
NBA Jam TE - Double Z ModHackingDeveloper of the Double Z Mod, including hex, tiles, portraits, sprites, and ASM coding
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... of RageHackingRevised sprites (shadows); new title screen; new portraits; juggle combos; enhanced options; etc.
NBA Jam 2K20 - Tournament EditionHackingPrimary developer of the 2K20 hack
NBA Jam 2K17 - Overtime EditionHackingDeveloper of the OT Edition hack (ASM, sound sample additions, portraits, bugfixes, etc.)
NBA Jam TE / NBA Jam 2k17 Bug FixesHackingInjury bugfix ASM coding