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    Fix desc and new logo
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    Version 1.4 was released, I looked at it and compared it with the earlier version and the original. Therefore, I decided to " update my opinion about this creation"
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    Found the original archive of "Super Mario All-Stars NES (3-24-20).zip", which contains both version of the patch (for playing on hardware and on emu). The previous v3-24-20 patch was just creating the version for emulators (same as "Super Mario All-Stars NES (emu_v3-24-20).ips").
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    adding my information and logo

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7 Hacks
Hell Mode Mod Double EXP and MesetaGENImprovement27 Dec 2007
Numan RevolutionGENImprovement21 Dec 2007
Evil OverloadGENImprovement21 Dec 2007
Purgatory Double EXP and MesetaGENImprovement06 Oct 2007
Hordes of NeiSMSImprovement02 Aug 2007
Purgatory Mode ModGENImprovement13 Jun 2007
Hell Mode ModGENImprovement30 May 2007


1 Hack
Hordes of NeiHacking