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M-Tee's Combaby Pocket


Sometimes the need for a very small font arises, whether it be for background graphics, captions, or menus. For those reasons, I have designed this small pixel font.

The ascent of each character is 4px with a descent of -1px and a mean line at 3px. However, the maximum space occupied by any character is 4×4 pixels with descending characters set one pixel lower for a consistent baseline. The suggested kerning is one or less pixels depending on the adjacent characters.

Obviously, this font would not function on a one-character-per-tile basis as a normal font would, but instead is intended for copying and pasting individual characters together. Therefore, the included table file is for reference purposes only.

Characters include: 0-9 A-Z upper and lower , ‘ . ! ? ( ) / & “ ” • : ; … - % $ ¥ ₩ £ ©

Aside from the above, a right-pointing cursor, orthogonal directional arrows, and combined tiles for “il” “li” and “ll” are included.