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Super Mario 64

Nintendo 64

Game Description:

Super Mario 64 is an action/platform game for the Nintendo 64.


4 Documents
Super Mario 64 NotesGame Specific23 May 2008
Altering Objects in SM64Game Specific19 Jan 2007
SM64 Hacking DocMiscellaneous12 Jan 2007
SM64 Hacking TutorialGame Specific12 Jan 2007

19 Utilities
SM64 Rom ManagerGame Specific22 Jan 2020
Super Mario 64 EditorGame Specific10 Sep 2017
SM64 Area ImporterGame Specific10 Sep 2017
Quad64Game Specific26 Jul 2017
SM64 Text ManagerGame Specific05 Jul 2017
Toad’s Tool 64Level Editors05 Jul 2017
SM64 TweakerGame Specific25 May 2016
CajeASMAssembly Tools11 May 2015
M64ToolGame Specific27 Jan 2013
Mario 64 Level ImporterLevel Editors18 Sep 2011

2 Translations
Super Mario 64 (ES)Fully Playable21 Jun 2020
Super Mario 64 (TR)Fully Playable08 Jun 2020

27 Hacks
Better SM64 Non-StopImprovement26 Sep 2020
Super Mario 64: Skinned Mario ModelImprovement04 Sep 2020
Luigi's Meme MayhemComplete26 Jul 2020
Super Mario 74 on ConsoleAddendum02 May 2020
Mario Smoke FixBug Fix18 Mar 2020
Super Mario 64 Reduced LagImprovement26 Jan 2020
Normal Bowser in final battleImprovement17 Jul 2019
Super Yeezus 64Complete23 Nov 2018
The Final Star 2Complete25 Jul 2014
Super Mario 420Complete21 Jul 2014