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Pokémon Amnesia

Hack of Pokémon: FireRed Version


This is a patch for Pokémon FireRed that allows you to buy rare items such as the Master Ball from the Poké Mart for free, making the game a lot easier! The story is that the salesclerks (And everyone else) got amnesia and forgot the prices of the items, so they’re giving them away for free! Enjoy!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Pokemon - Fire Red Version (USA, Europe).gba - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: 84EE4776
  • MD5: 51901A6E40661B3914AA333C802E24E8
  • SHA-1: DD5945DB9B930750CB39D00C84DA8571FEEBF417
  • SHA-256: 729041B940AFE031302D630FDBE57C0C145F3F7B6D9B8ECA5E98678D0CA4D059




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Errietta KostalaHacking

User Review Information


Reviewed By: X-Kill on 07 Aug 2009

This’s a good hack. The masterballs helps catching annoying pokémons, and you don’t have to collect money… But it’s a bit harder in the beginings, since you can’t get any potions or status healers. But if you’ve played pokémon before it’s no big deal. And one more thing, the town with the water gym. The forth including start town. The mart there is bugged. I suggest that you don’t even enter. Kinda bad coz rod and some other stuffs are there. There is a HM 08 there, don’t know if that caused the bugg. The bugg btw is that you first of all become a boy, if you’re a girl. And when you walk you walk with different holding pokéball poses. And when using bike you hold a rod, even if you don’t have one. And I became a kid to once. So what I know it’s only apperance buggs, but there may be other things to, I don’t know. And I’m not sure what caused it, but it might be that HM. Other then that it was just great. But couldn’t play the whole game. Can’t save on my emulator… So after Elite 4 the game started over completely. Yeah… Um.. I don’t know if you added this somewhere since I couldn’t play the whole game, but a PP UP in mart would be super! I really like this hack, and this kinda stuff would be nice for a lot of games! Nice job!

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
ReviewX-Kill07 Aug 2009N/AYes
A cheat code!MathUser292905 Jun 2008N/AYes
Good game, lags a bit thoughCaneinthehouse02 Jun 2008N/AYes