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Super Metroid Z-Factor

Hack of Super Metroid


This hack is a complete make over of planet Zebes level-design wise, very few rooms actually look like they used to be. The planet is a little bigger now, it still relies on the original region structure but laid out differently. The game-play is unchanged, no new abilities or stuff like that.

However, they’re numerous small ASM changes and tweaks, mainly on PLM and enemies so as to keep the player interested in exploring. Item progression and item count has been sightly altered. Sequence breaking is also possible to some extent (might not be as permissive as SM tough)

This is NOT a hard hack but more difficult than the original game. Special/advanced techniques are NOT required to beat it. If you’re not used to performing shine-spark maneuvers as well as the mid-air morph ball, you may have trouble getting some places later in this hack.

Included are also all old versions of the patch if you wish to experiment with them also.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Used on a header-less ROM




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User Review Information

Amazing Hack

Reviewed By: MetroidMst on 03 Apr 2013

NOTE: I played entirely on 1.0 version, some things have since been updated, but after reading about them, I believe the original is still best.

Z-Factor is quite possibly the most impressive Super Metroid hack to date. There was a lot of work put into it, as you will discover shortly into the game. Custom stuff litters the game and adds some amazing pizazz into an otherwise great hack. That being said, there are some issues to beware of.


  • Huge world to explore
  • Difficulty is just about perfect
  • A ton of custom work done for multiple different applications
  • Great item locations, will keep you occupied looking for 100%
  • A great translation error to give you a hint to the ultimate “Super Secret Room” in a hack
  • Has some very good challenge, without being frustrating
  • Tourian


  • Some hidden paths are just that, hidden. They have “hints,” but they aren’t specific or great in some instances
  • Might be too much backtracking for some
  • There is a heat run if the player doesn’t do a sequence break
  • Entrance to Lower Norfair
  • Either love/hate the escape sequence

This hack is probably the best Super Metroid hack out there right now. But, I can see, and have seen that it has one serious issue that most players may not enjoy. Personally, I loved it, but it could be a deal breaker to some. The hack is full of exploration and backtracking, but sometimes the thing you are looking for is not hinted at very well.

Keep in mind that my experience is based entirely off of the 1.0 patch, and some of these concerns have been addressed. There is a lot to explore, as this is either the second or third largest hack out there. (Over 2,000 explorable screens.) There is a lot of backtracking, and there is a lot of being lost. Which being Metroid is not a bad thing in itself. Z-Factor does tend to take that a little far in some places. Especially “Zaridia.”

Now Maridia, or Zaridia as we have named it, is nothing but a maze of “where do I go?” I personally enjoy these kinds of hacks that make you explore everywhere, but it might be a little much for some. And it isn’t just one area. The hack starts out going straightforward, then becomes an open-ended exploration fest, then back to pretty linear, and then really opens up again. It might be a bit too much for some.

Like I said, this hack is just about the best there is to me. There really is a lot of custom work done, and it shows. On top of everything else, when you finally get to the final area, Tourian is just plain amazing. I won’t spoil anything here, but seriously, if you are looking to make a hack, you need to see how Tourian is done. Metaquarius absolutely nails that area.

I highly recommend this hack. It is amazing and for those exploration and backtracking nuts out there, you will easily get your fill. It does get a bit obscure in the hint department, so it is quite possible you will be lost for a while. Other than not knowing where to go though, there isn’t much to fault with Z-Factor. It isn’t an easy hack, but it isn’t really difficult either. You should check it out and discover what could possibly be the best Super Metroid hack out there.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Not for a casual player.Celice30 Dec 20191.3No
Z-Factor AKA "WHERE AM I GOING!?" 8Djm10288718 Mar 20191.3Yes
Amazing HackMetroidMst03 Apr 2013N/AYes