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U-four-ia: The Saga

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

This game was originally planned for release in North America as Ufouria: The Saga, but was delayed until it was cancelled sometime around 1993. It was, however, released in PAL nations (Most of Europe and Australia). The English language version replaces the graphics of two of the playable characters (including main character Hebereke, once a mischievous white penguin to this snow-man named “Bop Louie”) as well as birds dropping poop with birds dropping 10-Ton Weights. Also, the story in the English language version lacked the humor, character personality, and story of the Japanese version.

Translation Description:

This patch is for the Japanese version of the game (Hebereke). It completely translates all of the dialogue, including the intro and ending sequences, and fixes a couple of bugs present in the original game. It has been tested on the PowerPak and works flawlessly with the latest mapper files.

NOTE: Due to limitations of the IPS format, this patch has been released in beat (.bps) format. You will need to download a beat patcher, either from byuu’s homepage, or the Utilities section of this site.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Hebereke (J).nes
  • CRC32: 2A137974
  • MD5: 1EFDAB06 41C6D72C 54BF5A57 E23250BB
  • SHA1: 5CE5DAAB 012AE6A4 9B2FE18E 162343D3 EA705EAC


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User Review Information

The English-language version we should have got!

Reviewed By: Ichiban Crush on 20 Apr 2014

Ufouria was already a fun game, but once you play Hebereke with this patch, you’ll never go back.

RahanAkero’s translation of the script takes a few minor liberties, such as removing Hebe’s “piyos” (”chirps”) in his dialog (I don’t think people approaching this game for the first time would have wanted to sit through all of that.) Still, he managed to do what the original Western release didn’t; give each character distinct personalities and a story that’s a lot more humorous than “Oh, where am I? Guess I’ll go find my friends… yeah, I’ll do that. Yesssirree.” (Note: Ufouria’s English dialog was actually more boring than that.)

Kudos to BMF for actually managing the technical hurdles that came along with trying to squeeze in the large script! Publisher-exclusive mappers are infamous for being hell to work with (even us users who keep up with such things but don’t have any ROM-hacking knowledge knows this), and I’ve got to give him props for attempting this on a game that technically has an English version. Most people wouldn’t have done it, but BMF did it, and it’s better than what the PAL territories (and US Wii owners in 2010) got!

Oh yeah, and pooping birds. Because apparently, I’m 9.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
The English-language version we should have got!Ichiban Crush20 Apr 2014N/AYes