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ZSNES is a SNES games emulator for PC (also known as the Super Nintendo emulator or Super Nintendo Entertainment System). It is a free software that helps you to play classic games that were running on the old Super Nintendo (SNES) game console (a 16-bit video game console that was very popular and was sold in nearly 50 million copies worldwide). It has a lot of features (e.g. speed options, fast-forward function, image upscaling, multiplayer gameplay using a TCP/IP network, use of cheats, save states support, movie recording etc.) that are best described in ZSNES Documentation ( available as a HTML or TXT file) found in “docs” folder (after you extract the content of ZSNES archive). To be able to play older games that were available on ROM cartridge you need ROMs or ROM images with them.


User Review Information

Update your emulator.

Reviewed By: Chronosplit on 15 Jun 2016

I won’t mince words here, ZSNES only has two uses these days that no others can accomplish:

  • Netplay can be better in some cases.
  • Some very much older Super Mario World hacks (and in the case of at least Flames of Eternity, Chrono Trigger) would use a flaw in the emulator for music hacking, which means they’re only completely runable in ZSNES.

Emus still in development have far surpassed ZSNES in nearly every way imaginable. Even worse, it has security holes that could put your computer at risk. Here’s an example of what I mean:

If you’re using this as your main SNES box, please consider updating. If only for the sake of future-proofing your emulator, since it’s architecture will eventually be unable to run.

Version 1.51 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Update your emulator.Chronosplit15 Jun 20161.51No