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Final Fantasy XII International: Zodiac Job System

PlayStation 2

Game Description:

Final Fantasy XII International: Zodiac Job System is a Japanese exclusive update to Final Fantasy XII for the PlayStation 2. Adding a new job system, features, modes and improvements.

Translation Description:

This is an English conversion patch for the Zodiac edition of Final Fantasy XII (AKA, the International release). It puts the official American translation into the Zodiac edition of the game, along with providing a new translation for the extra text

Both the Zodiac and American ISOs are required to build the new English ISO.

For more info, visit this thread.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • ff12zj.iso (SLPM-66750) MD5: 59a8d0ce669d1afe25d512e7ed706043
  • ff12us.iso (SLUS-20963) MD5: 94de2953397236dae94ac9a0dd80b6c6
  • ff12engzjs.iso (After patching) MD5: 9E078F38041FC6EA1C1967C66F6340E9


Screenshots: Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
ffgrieverProductionHacker and translator for extra text.
DarknessSaviorScript Editing/RevisionCorrected names and descriptions.
TauwasserScript Editing/RevisionHelped to fix names of items.

User Review Information

Final Fantasy XII Zodiac in English. This is Awesome.

Reviewed By: Burnt Lasagna on 01 Dec 2016

This is a fantastic conversion/translation! If you liked the official translation of Final Fantasy XII, you’re in luck. This patch uses the official American translation for 98% of the dialogue and provides a new translation for the 2% of extra menu/descriptive text for this version (NOTE: The English dub is also in this version. This is because the Zodiac edition uses them even in the unpatched game).

My only issue with the patch is that the menu font has been used for the entirety of the game. This makes dialogue text allot smaller and a tad harder to read on a CRT. There is the option of restoring the original dialogue English font (copy the file in “bin/font_big” into the bin folder before patching) however, this will cause some text to overflow off the screen. With the that being said, I found that disabling “deflickering” in options does improve readability.

All and all, this patch makes the PS2 Zodiac edition of Final Fantasy XII in English. This is awesome.

Version v023 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Final Fantasy XII Zodiac in English. This is Awesome.Burnt Lasagna01 Dec 2016v023Yes