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Kid Klown in Night Mayor World

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Kid Klown in Night Mayor World is an action platformer for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In Japan, it is originally a Mickey Mouse game called Mickey Mouse III: Yume Fuusen.

Translation Description:

Once upon a time there was a series of Mickey Mouse games on the original Nintendo. Most were translated faithfully, but a few were altered due to licensing agreements. Mickey Mouse III - Dream Balloon (aka: Yume Fuusen) was one such game - in English-speaking countries it was called “Kid Klown”, with (in my opinion) rather hideous graphic changes and a completely different story. This patch translates the game into English, so you can see what Disney felt they weren’t being paid enough in 1992 to show you. (*Yes there’s a prototype version that was translated, but the English was pretty terrible*)

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Mickey Mouse 3 - Yume Fuusen (J).nes
  • CRC32: 7D426A63
  • MD5: 5436D1B3 8E3CAC2A E326F775 72B3E503
  • SHA1: 8F9744E3 ECFB6009 746CA5D7 0C295CC5 8DB2302B


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Way better than the prototype English version

Reviewed By: madness flame on 02 Mar 2017

The original game of Kid Klown in Night Mayor World is known to be Mickey Mouse III Yume Fuusen; only released in Japan. That Mickey Mouse game was supposed to be released outside Japan, but we got Kid Klown instead. Mickey Mouse already have a prototype version in English that can be found, it is named; Mickey Mouse Dream Balloon.

So there is 2 possibilities; You can take the prototype version, or you can take this translation patch for the Japanese version. I tested both versions, and here is why I think this translation is way better than the prototype version:

1. In the prototype Minnie is called Minney. In this patch, she’s named Minnie. I always called her Minnie, so this hack makes more sense to me. 2. The protoype version still have obvious misspell like “taht’s” instead of “that’s”. I haven’t found misspell in this hack (I’m not native English though) 3. The story of the game in the prototype version is kinda weird at some moment in the game, I had a better feeling with this hack 4. The prototype is… only a prototype! I noticed there’s other differences in the game, not only in the text. For instance, the level design of Stage 2 contain some differences. Even Kid Klown was more similar than the prototype for this level design. I think they worked more on the levels after the prototype was found, before releasing the game. Other differences include life icon in the ‘Chances levels’ are different. And more… The Japanese game is more complete than the prototype. That’s a good reason to prefer the translation hack, to have the game without all those differences. 5. When you get the code to access the hard mode in the prototype, it was not completed yet, so you only get blank square instead of the actual code. Applying this hack will give you the same code that you get in the original game and also in Kid Klown.

There’s probably more differences that make this hack superior to the prototype version, but you can also test both version by yourself, and you’ll find the prototype is not totally completed. The story was not changed with this hack, so you lose nothing from the original story, it’s just written with a better English.

This hack is now my official English version of the game Mickey Mouse III Yume Fuusen. Thank you for this hack!

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Way better than the prototype English versionmadness flame02 Mar 20171.1Yes