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Zero Wing (Europe) 60Hz NTSC patch

Hack of Zero Wing


This Patch change the region of Zero Wing PAL/EUROPE to NTSC/USA so it can be played at 60Hz.

Europe is the only version with English text as this game was not released in USA.


ROM / ISO Information:

  • name "Zero Wing (Europe).md" [NO-INTRO]
  • size 1048576
  • crc 89B744A3
  • md5 5F4F2FB8C7B8C50EFBC6EED57CE3DAE3




User Review Information

Not sure of the purpose of this patch...

Reviewed By: bumfacekilla on 23 Jun 2017

I love Zero wing, not just for it’s bizarre official translation, but also for the fact that it is (in my opinion) one of the more solid Mega Drive shooters.

I was pleased to see a patch for one of my favourite Mega Drive games, but am uncertain as to it’s actual usefulness.

I have all three regional variations of the Mega Drive/Genesis Console, I also have a UK version of the game, a JP version of the game and an Everdrive v2 from Krikzz.

My UK version of the game works perfectly on both my Genesis and my JP Mega Drive, as does the “Europe” ROM when using my Everdrive. I thought the purpose of this patch may have been to address some kind of speed issue when using the European version on 60Hz hardware, but after applying the patch I could find no difference.

For comparison’s sake, I also tested the JP cartridge on my UK Mega Drive and could see no difference (other than the usual horizontal borders at the top and bottom of the screen).

So in conclusion, perhaps I am missing something, but this patch appeared to offer nothing in terms of performance as my UK cartridge appeared to work perfectly on both of my 60Hz (US and JP) consoles.

Could it be that this patch is designed to make emulators play the game in 60Hz rather than defaulting to 50Hz? But with most emulators I have used, you can easily set the output to 60Hz without the need to patch the ROM first.

If I am wrong, I would prefer to be set straight :)

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Thank you!oscarius06 Nov 20171.0Yes
Cool!-pepodmc24 Jun 20171.0Yes
Not sure of the purpose of this patch...bumfacekilla23 Jun 20171.0No