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Pokémon Trading Card Game 2

Game Boy

Game Description:

From the little I’ve played of this game, it plays exactly like the first Pokemon Trading Card Game. I can only assume that this one has Pokemon from Gold and Silver, and that it wasn’t released here because Pokemon isn’t popular anymore, or something. And people say Pokemon’s only popular in America!

Translation Description:

This game is the sequel to Pokémon TCG on GBC that, for reasons unknown, never made it overseas. A few attempts have been made to translate it in the past, but all died out after a while. Now, however, you can play the game fully translated into English!

This game builds upon its predecessor by quite a lot, implementing better color functionality, a couple new series of cards, and another whole island to visit with plenty of dangerous new opponents to play against.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Pokemon Card GB2 - GR Dan Sanjou! (Japan).gbc - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: 6C933A14
  • MD5: 1134862E84110443190DF460351D4575
  • SHA-1: A7E12BCC5F514E3AAD8DE570FD511AAB0A308822
  • SHA-256: 0C26B4FEC983E1CE7EFEDB7C6B6DE997A26240F0390A7CAAB21888B819E3624A


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Artemis251HackingASM hacking, translation, spritework
JazzOriginal Hacking

User Review Information

Much better than it appears.

Reviewed By: Chronosplit on 25 Aug 2018

You would think that this being a machine translation, the whole thing would read terribly. It’s quite the opposite in fact! The script definitely feels like the first TCG in writing and is pretty well done. There are just a couple of minor quibbles with the translation, but on the whole it’s been a very fun playthrough.

1. Here and there you’ll see some cards with moves not named how their originally localized physical counterparts list them. For example, the typical Marowak card lists “Bone Boomerang” as opposed to it’s signature move “Bonemerang.” These are fairly minor from what I’ve seen, and since there are a lot of cards it’s perfectly understandable that a couple would be missed by accident.

2. I’m not quite sure why, but in battle some messages have a Pokemon’s name with an empty space or two after it. This doesn’t effect gameplay, but it can be weird to read because punctuation happens after the empty spaces.

Everything else I could argue about isn’t about the translation and is instead the fault of the game itself (mismatched palettes in the card art for example).

TCG2 is a good sequel and improves on the original in about every way, give this game a look if you’ve played the original and want some more!

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Wish I Played This SoonerDaydreamGUI13 Aug 20191.0Yes
Much better than it appears.Chronosplit25 Aug 20181.0Yes
Absolutely BrilliantShugo18 Aug 2014N/AYes
Outstanding!Endymian09 Aug 2012N/AYes